Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the ODS to review student documentation and determine the appropriate accommodations. The ODS also works with the faculty regarding the provision of the accommodations. The ODS will work to ensure access throughout the campus for students who have a disability.

Student’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to identify him/herself to the ODS and to provide appropriate documentation of a diagnosed disability. This documentation needs to be no more than three years old. Given the many types of disabilities, reasonable accommodations will be determined on an individual bases. To provide the most appropriate services, the university reserves the right to review the diagnosis provided by the student and may request a more updated diagnosis to be provided by the student.

It is also the responsibility of the student to contact their professors as soon as possible to discuss their accommodations. The student will need to present their professors with a letter from the ODS recommending the accommodations. If the student needs extended time for test taking the ODS will assist in proctoring when necessary. To be assisted by the ODS the student and professor need to fill out a Proctoring of Extended Time Testing Form and submit it to the ODS one week prior to the exam.

Students must give the ODS permission to discuss their accommodations with faculty members who are responsible for providing the accommodations. Instructors should be given time to review the accommodations. The students are then encouraged to introduce themselves to professors directly and to initiate a dialogue about their particular needs. If students are having difficulty connecting with faculty, they should immediately request assistance from the ODS.

Steps in the Accommodation Process

  • Visit the Office of Disability Services
  • Present documentation of disability
  • Agree on reasonable accommodations
  • Sign Course Roster Form
  • Meet with professors to discuss accommodations
  • Notify ODS of any change in schedule

Important Note

Students with disabilities are bound by the same code of conduct as all students at Villanova University.