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Students With Temporary Disabilities

Broken bones, surgery and other unexpected mishaps may cause a student to be temporarily disabled.

These students must follow the same guidelines for getting accommodations as a student with a permanent disability.

  • The ODS must have in writing, from a licensed physician, a description of the temporary disability and the projected length of time of the temporary disability.
  • The ODS must have in writing a list of reasonable accommodations that relate to the disability.
  • The ODS will evaluate the documentation to determine if the students meets eligibility requirements and if the accommodations are reasonable.
  • The ODS will approve the reasonable accommodations The student will sign a waiver allowing the ODS to contact the student’s professors.
  • The student will introduce him/herself to their professor and discuss the accommodations.

The ODS will only discuss the accommodations with the student involved in the process. In order to be able to discuss the accommodations with anyone else, faculty or parents, the student must sign a waiver.

During the semester if any revisions need to be made the request must be delivered in writing to the ODS following the sane guidelines as listed.