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"LEVEL represents all of the reasons I came to Villanova. It is people working together for a greater good. Everyone is so passionate, and it is one big community. Working with Frankie has been a big part of my time here and our friendship has changed my outlook on everything."
Valerie Bloomer, Class of 2015
"LEVEL has been one of the most rewarding, powerful and enjoyable organizations to be a part of on campus. Some of the most genuine friendships I have found myself in at Villanova developed through LEVEL. The people and memories have changed my life."
Taylor Sittig, Class of 2014
"Since the day I joined  LEVEL I have always been surprised with the friendly faces that have welcomed me to Villanova. LEVEL has changed the way I interact with people and has already been a big factor in my college experience. Getting involved allowed me to broaden my experience as a freshman and meet some amazing people!"
Anna Cardelfe, Class of 2017
"I can’t even put into words how awesome LEVEL is! :) I have always struggled with my invisible disability, and I thought it would be just the same in college, but I was proven wrong. I have found a family in LEVEL, and I can truly say it has changed my outlook on life. People have always been hesitant to talk about disability, but LEVEL has given me a place to feel comfortable in my own skin. Because I joined LEVEL, I no longer identify my disability as a negative aspect of myself, but something that has enabled me to meet a lifelong group of friends."
"LEVEL has a very personal meaning to me because it is greatly responsible for giving my brother Frankie the greatest three years at Villanova. Before LEVEL was formed, Frankie had a difficult time adjusting to college and meeting other students simply because people weren't sure how to approach Frankie or maybe didn't even want to take the time. LEVEL has completely changed that and has given Frankie some of the best friendships he will ever have and as his sister that means everything to me."
Annie Kineavy, Class of 2015
"After walking out of the first LEVEL meeting I had attended, I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. It is the most fulfilling experience provided at Villanova with some of the greatest people who become family."
Anonymous, Class of 2016
"People are complex and diverse and beautiful. So grateful for the friendships that began this weekend as well as the ones that grew stronger. Thank you LEVEL for friendship, learning, support, and personal growth, and thank you to this weekend's retreat for fostering those things and helping us to become closer as a group!! "
Rosa Altomare, Class of 2014
"When I first came to Villanova and was approached about the idea of LEVEL I could not understand the concept. I had never been approached as a person with Cerebral Palsy about a group/event etc. focusing on my abilities. I am so proud of and pleased with what that original concept has turned into. LEVEL has given me the friends, the platform and the opportunity to achieve and do more than I ever thought I would be able to in college."
Briana Taylor, Class of 2015