Parking and Safety

Mobility Devices Parking

  • Parked devices in parking lots must display a valid permit. Parking is allowed only in specific areas and on hard, paved surfaces (e.g. asphalt, concrete, and brick). Devices are prohibited from parking on soft surfaces such as landscaping, unpaved surfaces, and natural covered areas to include areas covered by mulch, pine bark or straw.
  • Mobility Devices are prohibited from blocking entrances to buildings, stairways, handicap ramps, or main thoroughfares.
  • Mobility Devices are prohibited from parking on sidewalks in any way that blocks or restricts pedestrian traffic


Pedestrians always have the right of way on campus sidewalks. Public Safety and/or Parking and Transportation Services will cite operators and departments for violations.

Personal mobility devices: 

  • should not be operated in a manner that may endanger its passenger, other individuals, or damage University property. 
  • must travel in the direction of the flow of traffic
  • must obey all campus traffic regulations and signs. 

Operators should:

  • not exceed speed limits for motorized devices
  • reduce speed on walkways. 
  • slow speed and not exceed the speed of pedestrian traffic in crowded areas.

Personal Mobility Device users shall follow these “common courtesy” rules:

  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Drive at an appropriate speed according to existing conditions, not to exceed the campus speed limit for all vehicles of 5 mph.
  • Drive in an appropriate manner that does not interfere with pedestrians or campus facilities vehicular traffic.
  • Do not ride in an acrobatic or stunting manner, i.e. activities causing one or more sets of wheels to leave the ground or other surfaces intended for pedestrian or vehicular travel.
  • Do not ride on stairs; ramps, railings, vegetation, benches, tables, planters, or other surface not intended or approved for vehicular travel.
  • Park device in pre-approved, designated areas on campus. Devices shall not be locked to trees, poles, handrails, buildings, fences, etc.