Student Responsibilities

  • Complete the Special Housing Request Form and submit appropriate documentation to the Office of Disability Services that supports the medical necessity of a Personal Care Attendant.
  • Secure an agency-affiliated, or private, certified PCA prior to attending any college-related activity (i.e. placement testing, enrollment, class attendance). (Villanova University will not be responsible for providing a PCA on an interim basis.)
  • Provide documentation that the PCA is qualified to perform the services.
  • Ensure that the agency representative and each individual PCA, or private, certified PCA registers with:
    •  the Office of Disability Services
    • Public Safety 
    • University Health Center
  • Student will provide a copy of the contract between the student and the agency/PCA.
  • Ensure that PCA personnel changes are registered with:
    •  the Office of Disability Services
    • Public Safety
    • University Health Center, as required.
  • Direct the activities of the PCA while at Villanova University.
    The student is solely responsible for ensuring the PCA is fulfilling his/her responsibilities for the student’s care whether daily or periodically. Villanova University will not assume responsibility for the PCA or his/her failure to fulfill the contracted responsibilities.
  • Develop an alternative plan of action should the regularly assigned PCA not be available to work
  • Follow all Villanova University policies and abide by the Student Handbook.
  • Pay for all PCA services, including but not limited to housing and meal plans if living on campus.
  • Same gender PCAs are encouraged but not required when assisting students with bathing or toileting in a residence hall or in shared or public area restrooms.