PCA Responsibilities

  • Follow all applicable Villanova University policies, rules, regulations, and procedures.
    A PCA found in violation of University policies will be removed from campus immediately regardless of the contractual arrangement the PCA has with the student.
  • Assist the student before and after class but wait outside the classroom
    (unless deemed appropriate by documentation and approved by the Office of Disability Services).
  • Allow the student to take responsibility for his/her own progress or behavior.
  • Refrain from contact with or asking questions of faculty, staff, or others on behalf of the student
  • Refrain from intervening in conversations between the student and faculty, staff or other students.
  • Refrain from discussing any confidential information about the student with faculty, staff, or students.
  • The PCA should not be involved with the student’s work related to any class assignments or tests.
  • PCAs will only be able to access the student’s residence hall while classes are in session or if the student has properly secured permission to be on campus during break sessions.