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Meltzer Award

2014 Thomas J. Mentzer Award: Ariana Meltzer-Bruhn

The Mentzer Award honors a graduating Villanova senior who has contributed significantly, through his or her service, to "expanding opportunities for the poor and marginalized." This year the award will be presented to Ariana Meltzer-Bruhn. Ariana is the founder and driving force behind the Villanova student organization, LEVEL, a group which is dedicated to bridging gaps between differently-abled students both in and out of the classroom. Ariana and LEVEL have made it possible for students of all abilities to be together, not only for studying, but for parties and gatherings, too. For her remarkable efforts to imagine alternatives to the marginalization of those with different abilities, for her work to inspire her peers to expand their understanding of community on campus, and for helping us all to dismantle stereotypes and misconceptions, we honor Ariana Meltzer-Bruhn with the 2014 Thomas J. Mentzer Award.

Please read more about Ariana and LEVEL - the student organization she founded.