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The University Staff Council oversees the distribution of three awards to members of the Villanova University staff. The Above and Beyond Award, Distinguished Service Award and Work Process Improvement Award are presented annually to outstanding members of the Villanova community.

While the nomination process varies for each award, recognition for all award recipients occurs at an awards luncheon hosted by Fr. Peter Donohue. Award recipients and selected guests will be invited to attend this annual event.

Award Nomination Deadlines for 2021

  • Above and Beyond Award: March 6
  • Distinguished Service Award: March 6
  • Work Process Improvement Award: March 6

The purpose of the Above and Beyond Award is to recognize individuals and groups who go above and beyond the routine call of duty. This award differs from the Distinguished Service and Work Process Improvement Award in that it commends individual events, activities and projects.

Selection Criteria

The recipients of this award will have performed a significant action or service that:

  • Surpasses the requirements of their job description;
  • Is voluntary;
  • Is unexpectant of compensation in time off or payment;
  • Is either within or outside of their scheduled work hours.

For example, the nurses of the Student Health Center were the first recipients of this award.  They were recognized for working extra hours, bringing in homemade food, doing extra laundry, etc. in support of the students during a flu epidemic on campus.


The recipient must have:

  • Full or part time Villanova University faculty or staff member status,  or have retired within the award year;
  • A clean personnel file record.

A nominee may receive additional Above and Beyond Awards:

  • If they are nominated for examples that meet the selection criteria that are DIFFERENT from prior nominations.
  • They have not received an Above and Beyond Award in three calendar years.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by any member of the campus community (administrators, staff, faculty or students). Nomination forms must be submitted prior to the deadline and must be complete for consideration. Self nominations will not be accepted.

Selection Process

Nominations will be accepted continuously until March 6 of each award year.  The Selection Team will review nominations once a year based upon the selection criteria detailed above.


Recognition for all award recipients occurs at an annual awards luncheon hosted by Fr. Peter Donohue, University President.

There are two annual Distinguished Service Awards. One is designed to recognize an individual staff member for consistent excellence, exceptional performance and service to the University community. The second award honors a group of individuals who, as a team, completes a special work project or activity during the fiscal year. The work project or activity cannot be a day to day activity of the department or of its team members. This team must have representation from at least two offices; employees from a single work unit are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

Awards will be given based upon the extent to which the nominee (individual or team) meets the following three criteria:

Consistent Excellence
Those who, day in and day out, demonstrate excellence in their attitude and performance. Some examples:

  • Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner
  • Commands the respect of co-workers, supervisor, students and others
  • Assists others with both personal and professional challenges that impact work life
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and competence in a wide array of work related topics
  • Uses knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot/solve problems quickly
  • Handles a large workload effectively and in a timely fashion
  • Acts as a team player and encourages teamwork in others
  • Exhibits a high degree of professionalism

Exceptional Performance
Those who demonstrate exceptional performance, above and beyond the call of duty and/or completed a task with a high level of excellence. Some examples:

  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected
  • Works extra hard to help complete a critical work project/s
  • Plays a key role in remedying a crisis or an emergency
  • Provides services which are outside the scope of normal work duty
  • Completes challenging tasks with little direction or supervision

Villanova Community
Those who perform an activity which significantly enhances our sense of community or fosters a community spirit. Some examples:

  • Serves on University committees that promote the department/University and its staff and students
  • Acts as a mentor for others by providing advice, guidance, feedback and encouragement
  • Helps to integrate new employees or supervisors into the work environment
  • Shares personal knowledge and skills with others in an effort to promote the welfare of staff and students
  • Serves as a positive role model for others


Individual Award
All full-time and part-time staff employees (excluding Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Deans, and all other individuals who directly report to the President's Office) who have at least two years of service by the nomination deadline are eligible. Retirees may be eligible if they were employed during the fiscal year, June 1 through May 31. Employees who have previously received this award are not eligible, however, individuals previously nominated who did not win are eligible with the submission of a current nomination packet. A list of past winners will be updated annually. Faculty and student employees or work study students are ineligible for this award.

Team Award
In the spirit of community and commitment to quality improvement, work teams are also eligible for a special team award. A team may be comprised of any two or more community members (including all full-time and part-time staff, students and faculty) who work as a team to complete a special work project or activity during a fiscal year. This team must have representation from at least two offices: employees from a single work unit are not eligible. The work project or activity cannot be a day to day activity of a department or of its team members.

Previous award winners or nominees, either individual or team, along with current individual nominees are eligible to be included in a work team nomination.  An individual may be a member of several nominated teams.

Nomination Process

Nominations and letters of support may be submitted by any member of the campus community (administrators, staff, faculty or students) throughout the course of the year. Nominations must be made and completed using the online form by the deadline of each year. 

The completed nomination package will be reviewed by Human Resources and placed in each nominees' personnel file.  Human Resources will verify that the nominated employee is in good standing with the University.NOTE: Any Villanova employee may nominate or write a letter of support for only one person and/or one team.

Selection Process

All nominees will be judged in comparison to all other nominees for the current fiscal year. Examples and achievements will only be considered if they are related to work in the department and/or at the University. Each committee member will use a ten-point scale to rate the nominees based on the Nomination Statement. Letters of support will then be reviewed. An average score will be developed for each nominee. A run-off vote will then be conducted with the top three scorers to determine the awardee who will be recommended to the President. The President will approve all awards.


One individual award and one team award may be given in each fiscal year. Where there are no outstanding candidates, no awards will be given.

Each Individual Award winner will receive $1,500 and a plaque. In addition, awardees will have their names inscribed on a permanent plaque prominently displayed on campus.

Each Team Award winner will receive an award certificate and be invited to a lunch with the President. In addition, each department represented on the team will be given a plaque with the team name and members listed. The team name will also be inscribed on a permanent plaque for display at the University.

The Work Process Improvement Award is designed to recognize those individuals or teams who have made suggestions which result in meaningful work process improvements and/or work redesigns.

Selection Criteria

The award will be given for suggestions which have been adopted at Villanova University. The improved processes must meet at least two of the following four criteria:

  • The project/improved process enhances the quality of services provided by the University
  • The project/improved process enhances operational efficiency
  • The project/improved process generates revenue
  • The project/improved process generates a documentable cost savings


All Villanova University faculty, staff and students (full-time and part-time) are eligible. Teams of up to four individuals may be nominated to receive the award.  An individual/team may not receive an award more than once per fiscal year.

Nomination Process

Any Villanovan may nominate himself/herself or others by completing the nomination form. Nominations must be made by the deadline each year. 

Selection Process

The WPI Selection Committee will review the nominations received by using the criteria as a guideline. If the committee requires additional information, the nominator will be contacted. Depending upon the volume of nominations, awards will be made twice during the academic year near the end of each term.


The value of the award is $100 credited to the awardee's Villanova University Nova Bucks debit account.  If the awardees are part of a team, the $100 award will be divided equally among the winning members' Nova Bucks accounts. Typically awards are presented in person by WPI Selection Committee member(s) at a meeting of the recipient's full department. 

The recipient(s) will be acknowledged at the community event scheduled after the awards have been distributed and in campus-wide communications.

University Staff Council partners with the staff award committees to host a lunch with Father Peter for award winners each year. This lunch is meant to bring recognition to their hard work and dedication. Villanova University is truly thankful for their efforts and we know they will continue to work hard to improve the lives of their co-workers, students, and the entire extended Villanova community!

2019 Award Recipients


Above and Beyond Award

Individual Awards

Kathy Gallagher, UNIT
Kathleen Vicente, Student Involvement
Lawrence Cozzens, HRD
Marie Pelcin, HRD


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award

Lorraine D’Alleva, Financial Assistance

Team Award

Katie Nadorlik, CLAS
Dan DeVos, UNIT
Jean Kong, UNIT
Lisa Kemble, UNIT
Kelly Grentz, University Communication and Marketing


Work Process Improvement

Individual Awards

Abigail Rutledge, Education and Counseling
Linda Lindley, Public Safety
Anita Burry, Nursing
Mario Lozada, Nursing

Nomination Forms

Nominees must be Villanova staff members to be eligible for awards. You must be logged in to view the forms.

Past Award Recipients