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Bulk Mail Unit

Bulk Mail Services processes all large, outgoing mailings for the University. Services offered by Bulk Mail include presorting mailing lists to achieve the maximum discounts, database work on all files for processing, running database through CASS Certification to insure that addresses meet postal standards, addressing mail pieces through a direct impression (inkjet) imager, inserting up to 4 inserts into #10 envelopes, wafer sealing of self mailers, variable and match mail data mailings, live stamping.

There are important steps to take early in preparing a bulk mailing so it is recommended that you contact John Gebhart at ext. 97461 when you are in the planning stages of a new mailing so he can insure that the correct procedures are followed. Be sure to fill out a Bulk Mail Request Form for each Bulk mailing you wish to send.


* bulkmailrequestform-rev 06-10-2015.pdf
Mail Services Bulk Mail Form. *Please note: If using Mozilla Firefox, this form will not work - print as a hard copy first and fill out.

Please read the topics below for procedures to follow for specific Bulk Mail services.


An Indicia is a permit classification that is used on bulk mailings. The different classes of mail used with the permit are as follows:

 NON-PROFIT, 1st CLASS, and 1st CLASS PRESORT. We use these indicias to avoid having to apply postage to each piece of mail. Villanova's indicias can be printed on any envelope or self mailer and although they say "postage paid", the postage is not actually paid until the time of the mailing. All bulk mailings that are sent to Bulk Mail Services MUST have our indicia on the mail piece. When the mailing is completed it is accompanied by a postal form completed by Bulk Mail Services that the Postal Service uses to deduct the cost of postage from our account we have at the Villanova Post Office. Below are examples of the indicias.

First Class

First Class

First Class Presort

First Class Presort

Non Profit

Non Profit

Large Mailing Preparation

There are several categories of large mailings that University offices send every day to both on and off campus locations. When sending any large mailings of 200 pieces or more it is important to contact Bulk Mail Services early in your planning so they can assist you in preparing such mailings correctly and so that they can be efficiently processed.

Self Mailers

Self Mailers are brochures, flyers, or postcards designed to be mailed without envelopes.  For off campus mailings, self mailers must have an address area that includes your return address in the upper left hand corner, the University indicia in the upper right hand corner, and an area for the address and delivery point bar code. A tri-folded sheet of 20 # paper can be labeled and distributed as a self mailer for on campus distribution only, for off campus mailings a heavier stock is recommended (60 #). Self Mailers sent to off campus addresses also have to be wafer sealed. Wafer sealing means applying a small circular sticker to the open end (top) of the mailer so that it stays closed and does not jam the mail piece in the Postal Service's mail handling machinery.


Various sizes of envelopes are also used for Bulk Mailings both on and off campus. These can be either window envelopes with a personalized letter inserted with the address showing through the window, or non-window envelopes which are addressed via our direct impression inkjet imager. Again with these large mailings it is best to contact Bulk Mail Services early in planning as they may be able to save you both time and money. Bulk Mail Services can complete many of the preparation steps for you as long as the proper procedures are followed. They can insert up to four machine letter folded inserts, seal #10 sized envelopes, presort, print  to achieve the maximum discounts available from the postal service. Bulk Mail Services can also image mail for on-campus distribution  There are several preset on campus department lists available or you can send your own list to bulk mail for printing.

Variable / Matched Data Mailings

Variable mailings: Used when the letter/insert has the person's name and address and inserted into a window envelope.

Matched or Personalized mailings: Used when the letter/insert has the recipients name included in the body of the document and is inserted into a non-window envelope.

 Mail Services can provide this service in cooperation with the Graphic Services. Contact Graphic Services beforehand to receive all instructions necessary to complete processing. John Gebhart at ex 97461

Live Stamping

Used when the mailer wants a stamp placed in the upper right had corner of the mail piece in place of a meter imprint or a permit. Mail Services can provide this service with different types of stamps. Stamps available for this process are: 1st Class, 1st Class Presort, Standard non-profit. Please contact Bulk Mail Services beforehand to receive all necessary instructions necessary to complete processing.

Kennedy Hall Mail Center 

(610) 519-4492


St Mary's Hall Mail Center

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Chapter Hall Mail Center

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