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Interoffice Mail

The University Mailrooms handle over 1.7 million pieces of interoffice mail per year. Proper addressing and preparation of interoffice mail is essential to ensure correct and prompt delivery.


All interoffice mail addresses should include department names for faculty and staff and mailbox numbers for students.

Building names and room numbers are not necessary for interoffice mail.


Preparation of interoffice campus mail varies depending on the type of mail being sent and is as follows:

A. Single Piece Mailings

This is your everyday mail picked up from your department. This mail should be separated from your off campus mail, sorted by size, and bundled with a rubber band with all addresses facing in the same direction. Student mail should also be separated from faculty and staff mail.

B. Bulk Mailings

Large mailings of at least 200 pieces should be sorted by department or in box number order. Mailings going to all faculty and/or staff, all students, or all students of a certain class can be addressed by Bulk Mail.  If you are going to have a bulk, intra-campus mailing to be picked up from your office the mailing should be in postal trays or tubs rather than cardboard boxes. Trays and tubs can be obtained by calling the mailroom.

C. Parcels

Parcels up to 70 pounds can be sent via intra-campus mail. Parcels will usually be picked up with your regular mail pick up. If you are sending more than five parcels or any parcel weighing over 25 pounds please call the mailroom to arrange a special pick-up.

Kennedy Hall Mail Center 

(610) 519-4492


St Mary's Hall Mail Center

(610) 519-5806


Chapter Hall Mail Center

(610) 519-5644