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The USPS will be increasing the cost of postage. A stamp will increase from the current 50 cents to 55 cents.  Shipping costs will increase by approximately 5.9% across the different products. 

     A breakdown of the different shipping products and their price increases are available at the following link.

The Administrative Mailroom handles all of the everyday incoming and outgoing mail for all of the University offices. Mail is picked up from the Villanova Post Office once a day, sorted by department, and delivered to each department on campus. Along the delivery routes, intra campus and outgoing mail is picked up at each department, the intra campus mail is sorted and delivered the next day and the outgoing mail is metered with the proper postage and picked up by the postal service every afternoon.

The Administrative mailroom also offers express delivery services through the postal service & United Parcel Service. UPS ground is also available for packages.

All FedEx or Airborne shipments MUST be called in for pick up by customer

Please use the link for details on the policies and procedures pertaining to each service.

To order Outgoing Mail Request slips please call the Mailroom @ 94492.

Request slips must be used by departments with any official University business mail that will have postage applied.

Change of Address

If your department or an employee in your department is moving, whether it be temporary or permanent, you will need to contact the Mailroom by filling out the change of address form to insure proper delivery of all correspondence.

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*Hours may vary during school breaks 

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