Reusable Mug Discount Program

The average American office worker uses approximately 500 disposable cups annually, or 1.4 per day. Americans dispose of 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour.

Sustainability is important to us. We'd like to thank you for helping us reduce waste by offering a $0.25 discount on select beverages when you bring us a reusable mug. 

All Holy Grounds locations will participate. Discounts at Holy Grounds locations will apply to Coffee, Cold Brew Iced Coffee, Tea, and Iced Tea.  Select retail operations will also offer the discount. These locations include Donahue Market, Second Storey Market, The Law School Cafe, The Exchange, Belle Air Terrace and the St. Augustine Cafe. Discounts at these retail locations will apply to coffee and tea. Specialty beverages are not included.

Reusable Mug Discount Program

Dr. Oppenlander Presenatation

Dr. Richard Oppenlander, reowned author of Comfortably Unware and Food Choice and Sustainability was invited to speak to the Villanova Community in Novemeber 2014.

Food is the Solution

This fresh, lavishly-designed cookbook from author and advocate Matthew Prescott proves we can help solve the world's major environmental problems by putting more plants on our plates.