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“Everybody should believe in something; I believe I’ll go fishing” – H.D. Thoreau

Villanova Dining Services only purchases seafood from well-managed wild fisheries and fish farms. In addition, we consult various seafood resources prior in an effort to reduce environmental and ecological damage.

On our menus, we only feature seafood that is listed on the Best Choices and Good Alternative Northeast Seafood Guide published by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

We purchase as much fresh seafood as possible, working with Sea2Table to support fisherman and the traditional fishing communities that depend on them.

Sea2Table believes "The path that our seafood follows from the ocean to the plate is convoluted and opaque. Sea to Table’s mission is to change that. Owned and operated by the Dimin family, Sea to Table partners with 44 independent fishermen and commercial docks all around the country, shipping their catch directly to over 1,000 chefs at restaurants and institutions in 46 states. We source wild, domestic seafood that is sustainably harvested, traceable directly to the point of landing. Bypassing the traditional distribution chain, Sea to Table creates more valuable connections for fishermen, chefs, and diners."

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We chose to partner with Sea2Table because of their sustainable practices. 

Sea2Table bypasses the traditional distribution chain by providing a direct, transparent connection with fishermen. By directly connecting fishermen to the market, Sea to Table not only creates value for the chef, but value to fishermen, fisheries, and fishing cultures. Sea to Table is committed to only sourcing seafood that has been harvested in a responsible manner, but believes in supporting not only the fish, but also the fishermen. The mission is twofold: to get more people eating better fish, and in doing so preserving the working waterfronts and traditional fishing communities that depend on the resource.

Environment: Sea2Table works exculsively with fishermen who use verified sustainable practices to protect against over-harvesting and environmental degradation; Office wide recycling program; Office wide energy and water conservation programs.

Employees: At Sea2Table, >26% above hourly living wage paid to all employees; >80% of employee health insurance premiums covered; 100% of employees have participated in external professional development opportunities; 100% employee owned.

Community: Sea2Table purchases fish at prices >15% above market rate to drive value back into fishing communities; 90% of suppliers have third-party social or environmental certification; Donates 1% of sales to charity.

Consumers: Sea2Table provides a direct supply chain from fishermen to diners of wild-caught, American fish.

Sea2Table Pollock
Sea2Table Coho Salmon
Sea2Table Dover Sole