Aquahealth Program


Dining Services offers ultra filtered and flavored tap water in dining outlets across campus. Aqua Health Waters is the provider of the dispensing equipment. Filtered tap water is offered in all outlets on campus and is dispensed from equipment comparable to juice and soda fountain dispensers. Students are educated to use the Aqua Health Water in place of bottled waters.

In March 2008, Dining Services partnered with Aquahealth Water, and 5% of all sales from Aqua Health Water on Villanova's campus is donated to:

Catholic Relief Services and Team Today and Tomorrow are working hand in hand with communities to provide clean water from safe sources to thousands of poor farmers and their families. (More info...)

The Uganda Rural Fund

(More info...)

This new initiative, a "marketing with a mission" effort, will further encourage students, faculty and staff to drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water. By offering an incentive, essentially, by drinking tap water, the campus community will be able to help get clean drinking water to poor farmers and families in Uganda and Ethiopia. A refillable, re-useable water bottle is being introduced as part of this new program.


Aquahealth’s Sustainability Statement:


At AquaHealth our mission is to provide customers with an earth friendly alternative to bottled water and other healthy beverages.   We are concerned with conserving today to make sure there is a future tomorrow.  This is why we provide customers with customizable filtration and designer, reusable glass bottles, with near zero waste and a more efficient way to provide customers with healthy alternative beverages.  Sustainability while preserving today for tomorrow makes us environmentally, energy, production and community focused.

AquaHealth’s Sustainability Commitments

  • All of our beverage equipment and water purification equipment is made in the USA!
  • We employ three flavor manufacturing facilities, domestically, to reduce shipping costs
  • All program installation, service and preventative maintenance stops are managed by local service  partners
  • All equipment, parts, and purification components are regularly refurbished to ensure that the full useful life can be realized.

Supporting our customers with their Sustainability Goals

  • Converting from bottles to fountain concentrated flavors, reduces product shipping costs by over 90%
  • Replacing traditional bottled water with sustainable bottled water reduces energy use by over 95%
  • Encouraging our customers to use reusable containers for our fountain beverage machines, instead of plastic, one time use containers.
  • No Water Miles – Water is produced and purified on-site.
  • No Transport Costs – No fuel waste from delivered bottled water