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Community Supported Agriculture, or “CSA,” is a mutually-beneficial arrangement between community members and local farms in which the farmers provide produce and other farm products during the growing season in exchange for payment before the season begins. Each week, the farmer harvests the mature crops and divides the offerings into “shares” which typically is one share for each member of the CSA program. The Farmers deliver the shares to a pre-arranged location for the members to pick-up weekly.

Villanova Dining Services has teamed up with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative to bring community supported agriculture (CSA) to the Villanova community. Villanova's CSA will be coordinated through the 2nd Storey Market in St. Mary’s Hall. Villanova students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to purchase vegetable shares through the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. Each week for shares consisting of a variety of fresh produce from that week’s harvest will be delivered to the 2nd Storey Market for members to pick up and enjoy.


Villanova Dining Services is a host site, offering a CSA through Second Storey Market with seasons that align with our academic calendar. Visit the Lancaster Farm Fresh website to select and pay for your shares. You will receive all communication about your shares directly from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.

Visit the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative website to learn more about sustainable food systems.

To sign-up for your Summer 2019 CSA Share, visit this link to get started! Use password Villanova2019

Villanova Dining Services is a host site, offering a CSA through Second Storey Market with seasons that aligns with our academic calendar. Visit the Lancaster Farm Fresh website to select and pay for your shares. You will receive all communication about your shares directly from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.

2019 Summer CSA Share information:

  • Examples of Shares Available for Purchase
        Organic Summer Produce Share
        Egg Share
        Bi-Weekly Cheese Share
        Fruit Share
        Yogurt Share
        Bread Share
  • Shares are delivered weekly to the Second Storey Market, located in the St. Mary's building on West Campus.
  • The 2019 Summer Share deliveries start on the week of June 3, 2019 and features 10 weeks of deliveries through August 5, 2019. 
  • Sign-up via the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative website through Friday, May 24, 2019.
  • Shares will be available starting Monday at 2:00pm until the Market closes on Wednesdays at 3:30PM. Second Storey Market’s summer hours are 7:30am – 3:30pm. Please bring photo ID to confirm pick up of the proper share. In order to avoid waste any items that are not picked up by 3:00pm on Wednesdays will be used for recipes in Second Storey Market.
  • For any questions regarding pick-up, please call Second Storey Market at 610-519-5615
  • Please feel free to contact the following individuals with any questions:
           Dot McCullough (dorothy.mccullough@villanova.edu)
           Everett Coleman (evertt.coleman@villanova.edu)
           Alicia Farrow (alicia.farrow@villanova.edu)


2019 Summer CSA Delivery Schedule (tentative - to be confirmed):
        WEEK 1: 6/3
        WEEK 2: 6/10
        WEEK 3: 6/17
        WEEK 4: 6/24
        WEEK 5: 7/1
        WEEK 6: 7/8
        WEEK 7: 7/15
        WEEK 8: 7/22
        WEEK 9: 7/29
        WEEK 10: 8/5


Fall CSA Shares

Learn about the different types of Winter Shares that Lancaster Farm Fresh offers!


Why should you join the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op CSA?

1. Health & Nutrition
Our Winter CSA will ensure you maintain a healthy and nutrient-dense lifestyle. We follow the highest organic standards, offer the most colorful varieties of veggies, and guarantee to support you in eating a more whole foods and organic-based diet.

2. Save Money Eating Organically 
Our farmers bring you the best of what we grow organically at great prices. This guarantees you are getting the biggest organic BANG for your buck right from your farmer!

3. Eat With The Seasons 
Let LFFC inspire you to get outside and take a deeper look at your place in this local food network!  

When you join LFFC, you learn how asparagus isn't in season in August and October, how garlic and onions ripen by the hours of light, how lush sweet leafy greens are as tasty to some critters out there as they are to us, and so much more. 

Our Farmers

Lancaster County soil is considered some of the best agricultural land in the country.

LFFC farmers take pride in this and steward the land to preserve this reputation for future generations of abundant production.  With a thirst for knowledge to improve their sustainable agriculture techniques from one season to the next, they help each other to provide the highest quality produce possible.  Our farmers choose to work cooperatively together to succeed in growing and delivering crops that enrich the health of the communities around us, as well as, the health of the land we live on.


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What is LFFC's Mission?

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) is a non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative of over 100 family farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We focus on creating healthy high quality foods from our highly maintained and enriched soils on our small-scale family farms.

LFFC provides fresh, certified organic fruits, vegetables, and other farm fresh products through a subscription program also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSA members commit to support LFFC farmers for the entire growing season by paying for their share of the harvest in the winter and early spring. The farmers are able to purchase supplies in the winter and start their crops in early spring, they repay the shareholders in fresh, organic, seasonal produce. CSA enables you to keep local sustainable farms and local food safe for future generations. It’s a great legacy.

The produce sold through LFFC is certified organic unless otherwise noted. We support farmers that are looking to make their farms sustainable. The animal products that you purchase are from small family farms with small herds and flocks. These animals always have access to pasture and enjoy the freedom of foraging through the grasses with the earth under their feet.

When you purchase LFFC products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest farm products, raised humanely, with consideration for the land, animals and people. Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is owned by the farmers working in cooperation with each other to bring you healthy, quality foods. Thank you for helping to create sustainable communities!

LFFC's Mission can be found on their website.

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Read the Lancater Farm Fresh Cooperative Blog!