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Food For Thought


If you thought these foods were healthy you’re not alone!
Many of them are loaded with sugar and extra calories!


Wrap Sandwiches

Wraps may have less bread, but they are often made in a size that’s large enough for two people. Instead have a sandwich on whole grain or whole wheat bread.

Vegetable Chips

They don’t count as a serving of veggies and they are still high in fat and calories. Have fresh veggies and hummus instead.

Granola Cereal

Granola is usually high in sugar, fat and calories and low in vitamins and minerals. Have a bowl of Cheerios instead OR top your yogurt with our homemade granola from Donahue, Dougherty or St. Mary’s.

Trail Mix

Nuts are a good source of healthy fats, but some mixes contain calorieladen dried fruit and chocolate. Skip the fruit and chocolate and just grab a handful of raw almonds instead.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurts actually have more sugar and less calcium than regular yogurt! Choose a light yogurt that’s low in fat and calories or a Greek yogurt and top with fresh berries.