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Jim Kolumban Bio

Jim Kolumban, Associate Director/Registered Dietitian

Jim Kolumban is Associate Director-Registered Dietitian and Systems Administrator at Villanova Dining Services.  A 2010, IFMA Gold Plate award winning university culinary and hospitality team,  where the servant leadership approach has successfully utilized latest trends to create nourishing and memorable dining experiences.   

A long distance runner and bread baker trained by the Trappist monks, Jim brings to Villanova years of passionate indefatigable belief in people to accomplish great things.  Jim began his journey in excellence achieving a baccalaureate in Dietetics, summa cum laude, from Andrews University, Berrien Springs Michigan.  Jim's quest for excellence continued in healthcare dining services leadership where he's very fortunate to have achieved great success and support in Sodexho Health Care division and Bronson Methodist Hospital of Kalamazoo Michigan, a multiple year recipient of Working Mother's Magazine, Fortune's Magazine 100 best companies, and the prestigious 2005 Malcomb Baldrige National Quality Award.

The journey in Leadership, like a healthy lifestyle, is borne of commitment to aligned performances and behaviors that are focused on vision, centered on purpose, supported by mission, and daily rekindled by the passion of what draws people to their careers.

Jim currently serves as Villanova's dining services System Administrator of the Micros point-of-sale and Cbord food services management system.  As the Dietitian, he promotes a conviction that an excellent diet supports top box physical and mental performances.  Jim also offers support to students and staff with food questions relating to allergies or other medical conditions.