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Summer Meal Plans

Summer 2022

Summer meal plan service will begin with Dinner on Tuesday May 31, 2022 and continue through Dinner on Monday August 1, 2022.

All Students living on campus during the summer
are required to have a meal plan.

Summer School

There is a 19 meals per week plan that is assigned to all students living on campus to take summer classes.  The cost of the 19 meal plan is $920 for session 1 or session 2 and $1840 for session 3.

The Summer 19 meal plan also comes with $25 in food points for sessions 1 and 2 or $50 in food points for session 3.

Summer Intern Housing

For students living on campus for an internship or to work for a department on campus there is a 10 meals per week meal plan.  The cost of the 10 meal plan is $670 for session 1 or session 2 and $1340 for session 3.

Other Programs

Programs that take place within the summer semester but do not follow the summer session dates may be offered meal plans at a pro-rated price.

Summer Service

For Summer 2022 Dougherty Dining Hall will be open and serving summer meal plan service.  Summer meal plans may also be used as MPEs in locations that are open and accept MPE.  Visit our "Where to Eat" section or Meal Plans 101 for details on MPE acceptance and usage.  Summer hours will be posted in our hours section.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dining Services office at 610-519-4170 or e-mail

The Best Serving The Best

Meal Plan Office

106 Dougherty Hall
(610) 519-4170

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Subject to change during Holidays and breaks

Find the Perfect Meal Plan

We offer several meal plan options, whether you're a resident first year student, living in the new Lancaster Ave. Commons or a commuter we have a plan that will meet your needs.

Check out our new online guide to find a meal plan and sign up!