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St. Mary

On May 22, 1964, the new Augustinian Collegiate Seminary of St. Mary, or St. Mary's Hall, was dedicated on the west end of campus. In his Foreword to the dedication booklet, the Rev. Thomas F. Gilligan, O.S.A. wrote:

For a building such as ours, the distinction between art and function is pointless...This building has one purpose: to bring the souls, minds and hearts of men close to God, so that later they can bring God close to men. Therefore, the design of the building itself, every painting and stained glass window, every mosaic and statue, all the symbols and scrolls, all the portraits of the saintly and scholarly brethren of other ages—all join in this one common endeavor: to raise men heavenwards. This is no vain display-case; it is not a home of gracious living; it is not an art gallery...Here the better-instructed friar can find a hundred lessons a day in the arts which surround him. That is why they are here.

Since 1972, the College of Nursing has called this building home. In addition to office and classroom space, the building contains housing for nearly 300 students, and has its own gym, pool, cafeteria, library and laundry room.