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Frequently Asked Questions


●          How can I join the team?

The first step in joining the Hunt Seat team is to attend the activities fair hosted by Villanova at the beginning of the fall semester. Stop by, talk to current team members, and sign up as a potential member. We will contact you with a date for our first meeting. At the meeting, we will provide more information about joining and starting lessons. The team welcomes riders of all experience levels and does not accept submissions of riding resumes or videos.


●    Are there tryouts?

We hold tryouts in the form of a placement lesson for new members in the fall. Our coach evaluates each rider’s ability and riders are selected based on the team’s needs for showing members at the time.


●     Where does VUET ride?

We lesson at Great Scott Farm in Malvern, PA (about a 20 minute drive from Villanova) with our coach Lindsay Langan.  Lessons are paid for in the beginning of each semester in blocks of 10. Team members lesson on a weekly basis. Lesson groups are scheduled around classes and availability, not by riding level.  We host one show each season. Transportation is provided by upperclassmen with cars on campus.


●     Can I bring my own horse?

The horses used in our IHSA Program are owned by Great Scott Farm. You will not be able to ride your own horse for lessons and shows. Show horses are provided by the hosting school and you will ride different school horses in lessons to make you more adaptable to show situations and improve your overall riding skill. Should you want to bring your horse to school with you, please contact Lindsay to make arrangements. Other barns in the area offer boarding as well.


●          Do I need my own equipment to participate in the riding program?

Team members must provide their own riding boots, helmet, and show apparel. Team members do not need to provide their own tack, as we use tack provided by Great Scott Farm. Some members choose to bring their own saddles, but since not every saddle fits every horse, you may not be able to use it every time you ride.


●          How much does it cost to participate?

Each member is required to pay $500 in dues at the start of each semester for lessons and coaching fees. There is also a $40 yearly membership fee for IHSA if team members want to show. Class entry fees for shows are $30 per class, with a maximum of two classes (one over fences, one on the flat) per show.


●     What is the time commitment required?

Each member is required to take one lesson per week (a total of 10 lessons per semester). Lessons are an hour long, but ultimately amount to about a two and a half hour commitment when travel, grooming, and tacking are factored in. Shows usually last the entire day, starting at around 7:00 and ending around 3:00 (rough estimates--every show is a little different). Some members choose to lesson more than once a week, your time commitment to the team is up to you.


●          What is a typical show day like?

The team hosts one or two shows per season and we travel to shows hosted by the other teams in our region throughout the season. There are 10 shows per year. All shows are on weekends and show days are all day events. The team leaves from Villanova early in the morning on show days, stops to get food at Wawa, and then travels together to the shows. Transportation is either provided by upperclassmen with cars on campus or by one of the University’s vans for shows that are farther away. All team members are required to attend the entire show, regardless of when they are competing. The team sits together and cheers on all of our riders as they compete. Many team members choose to bring homework with them to the show, but it’s also a great time to socialize with teammates. The team leaves the competition together after the last team member has competed.