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Intramurals Covid-19 Updates


Villanova University Fall 2020 Alternate Intramural Season Offering

Because Intramurals will not be allowed to move forward with our traditional Fall Sports Schedule due to Covid restrictions, an alternative schedule will be provided to foster some friendly competition on campus. We will provide a number of new offerings which we hope you will enjoy. These events will be run with the intention of providing recreational activities for our campus community and will be run with the intention of honoring our campus wide Caritas Commitment. Participants will always be expected to maintain appropriate social distancing and wear masks during competition. Students failing to do so and who ignore repeated warnings will be immediately disqualified from competition. 



For the first time ever, Villanova University is offering organized Esports to our campus community. Our first offering will be Rocket League, a free to play game that offers cross platform play and is readily accessible for all campus members with a video game console of PC. Players can register as a team or a free agent and partnered with other players without teammates. The IM program will be looking to expand our offerings beyond Rocket League in the near future.


Yard Game Olympics!!!

Due to campus restrictions this fall semester due to the Corona Virus, Villanova will be rolling out a new month-long championship event, the first ever Villanova Yard Game Olympics! Teams of 2-4 participants will compete across 4 different yard game tournaments with final results being used to determine a Yard Game Olympics Grand Champion! Different tournament events will take place over the course of each weekend, with participants competing for supremacy in Bocce Ball, Washers, Horseshoes, and Kan Jam. Teams of 2-4 IM participants will designate 2 team members to participate in each individual game with roster substitutions allowed within a tournament and for different tournaments, but not before the conclusion of a game already in progress. Competitors have the option of registering for a single tournament event but are encouraged to participate across all four tournaments. Tournament event winners and the Yard Game Olympic Champions will be recognized at the conclusion of each tournament and at the conclusion of the season respectively.


Individual Football Competitions

Villanova has a long-standing history of success in Intramural Football, especially in the City 6 championships. In order to continue this history, we will be offering two separate individual competitions; a Punt/Pass/Kick competition, and a Villanova University Football Combine. In a classic Punt/Pass/Kick competition, competitors will total the furthest distance of a best of 3 punts, passes, and kicks with both distance and accuracy taken into account. For example, a kick that travels 100 total feet but only travels 70 feet vertically down the field will have a final score of 70 feet. In the Football Combine, competitors will compete across a variety of athletic agility measurement tests similar to the NFL Combine such as vertical leap, 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle, etc. Participants will be ranked by event, and a final score will be determined based on their respective rankings across all events. The 10 finalists from the preliminaries of both the IM Punt/Pass/Kick Competition and the Villanova IM Football Combine will compete in their respective championship event against their fellow finalists to determine a champion.


Singles Tennis

Intramurals will be offering it’s traditional Tennis Singles season this Fall in addition to a second season in the Spring.


Disc/Frisbee Golf

Villanova Intramurals will be provided one additional new offering for the Fall Semester, Disc/Frisbee Golf. Competitors will compete against each other across multiple fields and “holes” on campus to complete a round of Disc golf with the low score winning. Competitors will participate in a regular season and championship tournament format.

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Contact us

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