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How can I appeal a parking citation?

You can appeal it online via Flexport.

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How can I plan for a special event on campus?

The Associate Director coordinates special event staffing and can be reached at 610-519-6979. You may also use our online form.

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How can I schedule a crime prevention presentation?

Our Associate Director coordinates such presentations. Presentations on a broad range of topics are available. She can be reached at 610-519-6979 or at

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How can I order a campus key?

Only approved key requestors may use our online order form. Students should check with their resident assistant, and staff members should contact their department heads for more information.

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How can I get a copy of a vehicle accident report?

Your insurance company will request a copy from our department, you can contact your insurance company directly.

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How can I get approved to drive a University vehicle?

You can familiarize yourself with our fleet safety program by clicking here.

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When can I get bring my vehicle to campus?

It is the policy of Villanova University that junior and senior resident students and all commuting students are eligible to park vehicles on University parking lots designated as student parking areas. This does not guarantee the ability to park directly in front of any Residence Hall. Freshman and Sophomore resident students are not permitted to park vehicles on University parking lots/areas. It is important that non-eligible resident students DO NOT bring their vehicles to campus or park in the residential areas surrounding Villanova since adjacent townships prohibit non-residential parking on many local streets. Students are encouraged to utilize the campus Shuttle Service and Student Escort Service in order to reduce traffic congestion and for safety concerns.Your insurance company will request a copy from our department, you can contact your insurance company directly.

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How can I inquire about a lost item?

Contact our Communications Center at 610-519-5800 (ext. 9-5800) to inquire about lost and found items. To report a lost item, use our online form.

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How can I get information on campus crime statistics?

In accordance with the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Act, the University is furnishing this year's Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, which contains information about the University's security policies and procedures and crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years.

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Parking Related FAQs

How do I register for parking?

To register for parking, simply go to Flexport.

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I am having a visitor, what do I need to do to make sure they do not get a ticket?

During normal business hours students must bring their guest to the Parking Office which is located in Garey Hall to register their vehicle. After normal business hours students with day or overnight visitors must log in at the North Ithan gate to receive a pass. Parking is only permitted in the Main lots. Kindly inform your guest to return the pass to the North Gate upon leaving.

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I recently purchased a new vehicle, how do I register it with the Parking Office?

If you bring a different or new vehicle to campus be sure to bring in your old permit to the Parking Office to get a replacement permit. Please note: Prior to arrival at the Parking Office, you must register your new vehicle or change via Flexport.

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My car is being repaired and I have a different vehicle temporarily, how can I get a temporary parking pass?

During normal business hours stop by the Parking Office to get a temporary pass for the vehicle.

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Where do I go to pay a citation?

To pay a citation please visit the Bursar’s Office which is located in Kennedy Hall.

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On-Campus: 94444
Off-Campus: 610-519-4444

610-519-6979 (option #1)

We are located at Garey Hall
at the intersection of Spring Mill Road and County Line Road

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