Frequently Asked Questions

How can I distinguish between a Villanova police officer and a Villanova public safety officer?

  • The uniform worn by police officers will be slightly different than the uniforms worn by Public Safety officers. Police officers below the rank of Lieutenant wear a lighter French blue shirt and also wear pants that have a French blue stripe. Lieutenants, as well as the Chief of Police, wear a white uniform shirt. Police Lieutenants and the Chief have a French blue stripe on their pants.

  • The shoulder patch worn by police officers has the word “Police” on it. Non-sworn Public Safety officers wear a patch that says “Public Safety.”

  • Police officers will wear an outer duty belt that holds police equipment. Police officers carry a firearm, collapsible baton, pepper spray and handcuffs. Public Safety officers do not wear an outer belt and do not carry any defensive weapons.

  • Police officers wear body cameras that record both audio and video.


What are body cameras and how will they be used?

  • Body cameras are small audio/video recorders that will be worn by Villanova police officers. The cameras will be activated during enforcement and investigative contacts made by police officers.


Will I know I’m being recorded?

  • The officer will notify the individual that is being recorded as soon as is practicable.


Will all officers be using body cameras?

  • No, only police officers. Public safety officers will not be using body cameras.


Is there a difference between the cars police officers drive and the ones public safety officers drive?

  • Vehicles driven by police officers say “Police” on both the driver and passenger side. Police cars also have overhead lights that flash red and blue.

  • Police cars have a safety barrier between the front and rear seat.


What’s the difference between a Villanova University police officer and local municipal police officers?

  • Villanova University police officers undergo the same training and have the same authority as local police officers. The jurisdiction of Villanova University officers is limited to University property.


Will the Department of Public Safety have a jail?

  • No, the University does not have a jail. Under an agreement with Radnor Township, the University will utilize their holding and processing facility when necessary.


Is the Department’s name changing?

  • No, it will remain the Department of Public Safety.


Does this change mean that the Radnor Township Police won’t be on campus?

  • Many of the police calls that had been handled by Radnor Township Police will now be handled by Villanova police officers; however, there may be times when Radnor Police are on campus. Under the agreement between Radnor and Villanova, Radnor officers will continue to investigate and respond to serious forcible felonies, specifically homicide, robbery and aggravated assault. The Radnor Township Police will also investigate reports of rape in cases where the offender’s identity is not known to the victim. In addition, Radnor Police will be called to assist Villanova’s Department of Public Safety when necessary, including those times when a Villanova police officer is not on-duty.

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