Uniformed Officer Directory


The shift lieutenant is responsible for effectively managing the daily security operations associated with a shift within the Department of Public Safety. Lieutenants provide proactive leadership and guidance to ensure that uniformed patrol security officers and police officers work cooperatively with one another and with Villanova University's faculty, staff, and students to provide a safe and secure environment on Villanova's property and within Villanova's buildings, facilities, and residence halls. The shift lieutenant must possess good problem solving and decision making abilities along with excellent judgment and discretion.


Sergeants assist shift lieutenants in managing the day-to-day operations of a shift. Sergeants also act as shift supervisor in the absence of a lieutenant and provide direct supervision of officers assigned to the shift. Sergeants follow up to ensure that incidents have been handled properly by subordinates and also help ensure that reports and other forms are properly completed and approved. Sergeants also make frequent periodic checks of personnel assigned to posts and patrol areas. Sergeants provide feedback to the Lieutenant on employee performance to assist in the preparation of performance evaluation reports.

Police Officers

  • Chief David Tedjeske
  • Assoc. Dir. Debra Patch
  • Asst. Dir. Jeffrey Grizzle
  • Inv. Michael Gownley
  • Lt. George Christake
  • Sgt. Michael Cole
  • Sgt. John Tiedemann
  • Sgt. Nunzio Bottino
  • Earvin Faust
  • James Simpson
  • Joshua Kowalski
  • Robert Ungurean
  • Aaron Walizer

Police Cadets

  • Simon Phillips
  • James Spencer

Patrol Officers II

  • Louis Piccirelli
  • Michael Orlando
  • Richard Finfrock
  • Donna Thompson
  • Charles Johnson
  • Joseph Wilkins
  • Brian Rogers
  • Brian Bretherick
  • Giorgio Agostini
  • Diane Ocasio

Patrol Officers I

  • Joseph J. Curran
  • Regina Moore
  • Daniel Mason
  • Lillian White
  • Gregory Slomiana
  • Eugene Woods
  • Carl Richburg
  • Joseph Morelli
  • Ava Higginbotham
  • Patricia Page
  • Ronald Bryant
  • Walter Allen
  • Lawrence Daiutolo
  • Suzette Carroll
  • Douglas Rowell
  • Russell Gwynn

Communication Officers

  • Carolyn Arena Mackay
  • Vincent DiMatteo
  • Edward Basquill
  • Ian Beutler
  • Kristin Evans
  • Christopher Steiger
  • Joseph Badman
  • Frank Hartleroad

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