2017 Department Activity Report

Calls for Service

The Department responded to a total of 9,799 calls for service in 2017. Among them were:

Type of Call # of Calls
Transports 1904
Room Lockouts (Residence) 1356
Access Building Classroom 1158
Vehicle Jump Starts 256
Vehicle Lockouts 70
Safety Escorts 18
Live Scan Finger Printing 1030
Ill or Injured Persons 726
Crime Prevention Activities 124
Well-Being Check 61

Incident Reports

An incident report is completed for any situation where a crime may have been committed, any response to an alarm on campus, calls for medical situations, reports of accidents, and where officers investigate suspicious circumstances. In 2017, officers completed 2,727 incident reports.

Lost and Found

In 2017, the Department received 785 items of found property. Many of these items were able to be returned to their rightful owner. Unclaimed property is sold at the annual Public Safety Found Property Auction, which is held in conjunction with National Campus Crime Awareness Month each September. This year the auction proceeds of $1,534.65, were donated to the Villanova University “Rainy Day Fund”. This fund is administered through the Office for Multicultural Affairs. In addition, all laptops were donated to the Center for Access Success and Achievement to assist in their inclusive educational initiatives. 


Officers attended several half-day sessions of in-service training, held in January and August as well as various other sessions throughout the year.  In addition, officers completed on-line training and various roll call training sessions.  Training topics in 2017 included:

Crime Prevention/ Community Outreach
Parking Policy Updates
Use of Force
Judicial Process/ Alcohol Policies reviewed
Officer Scenario Training
Emergency Management
Traffic Control
APCO Dispatch Training
PPCT Pressure Points Control Tactics
Defensive Tactics and Threat Pattern Recognition
Blood Borne Pathogens
Hazardous Materials Response
First Aid/ CPR
Mental Health Training
Campus Security Authority Training
Workplace Harassment Training
Sexual Assault Resource Training
Emergency Vehicle Operating Course
Assessment of Intoxicated Persons
Code of Conduct
Code of Ethics
Biased Based Profiling
Management of Aggressive Behavior
Hazards/EHS Concerns
Conflict Resolution
Title IX/ Sexual Assault
Quarterly Firearms Training
Evidence Processing
Understanding the Threat- Hate Crimes

In addition to in-service training, officers received specialized training at off site locations throughout the year:

ICAT- Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics
Active Shooter Response Training- Police Officers
Emergency Medical technician course
POSIT- Police Supervisory In Service Training
RITE- Racial Intelligence Training Engagement
Fair and Impartial Policing
Police Officer Academy Training
Special Event Management
Patriot Firearms Training
The Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network Terminal- Dispatchers
Penn State Field Officer Training
Crisis Intervention Training and Mental Health

On Line Training:

Policy Reviews Police/Security
Daily Training Bulletins- Lexipol
Police One Academy On line training

Community Involvement/Crime Prevention Activities

The Department conducted crime prevention activities throughout the year, to include the following specific programs:

  • Promotion of NOVA SAFE App
  • Download Public Safety Information (Text: NovaPubSafe to 444-999)
  • Rad Self Defense Classes conducted with students, staff and visitors
  • National Campus Safety Awareness Day- September 14th
  • Clothes Line Project- April Sexual Assault Prevention Month
  • Special Security Checks of the convenience stores, University Book Store and ATM machines
  • Directed Patrol Activities
  • Park and Walks of DPS in sector areas- provides ongoing immediate contact with the community
  • Residence Life Resource Fair 8/15
  • Propped Door Testing
  • Lighting Reports
  • Emergency Phone Testing
  • Panic Alarm Testing/Training
  • Crime Prevention Presentations provided to departments who have requested addressing specific topics as well as general safety programs.  Topics have included: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, New Employee Orientation, Safety on Campus, Emergency Procedures, Calling Public Safety, Services provided by Department, etc. (HR, Development, Staff Council, Library, etc.)
  • Presentations conducted with specific student groups including: Residence Life (RA Development), Orientation counselors, Fraternity/Sorority Life, Athletics, Campus Activities groups, and SGA.
  • Parent Resource Fair/ Parent Safety Presentation 8/19
  • Student Activity Fair 9/7
  • Welcome Back Dinner for CASA 8/28
  • House Calls Program 9/13
  • Dinner and Dialogue with Student Leaders and Public Safety
  • Final Exam Treat Giveaway at Falvey 12/12
  • Representation on University Council for Student Life
  • Public Safety Mobile Treat Unit- Ice Cream giveaways and meeting with community members. 


The Investigative Unit conducts follow up investigations into reports of crimes and violations of University policy. In 2017, the Unit investigated 176 Incidents, bringing 108 of cases to a successful resolution.

Emergency Management

The Department completed revisions and updates of the University’s Emergency Management Plan in 2017.  In September, we conducted a table-top exercise pertaining to Active Shooters requiring notifications, Police Response and Mediation, Locking Campus Down, Recovery, and Aftermath issues.

Internal Affairs

In 2017, The Department investigated 3 complaints against officers. Complaints filed with the Department are fully investigated through the internal affairs process. All three complaints alleged rude behavior by an officer. Of the three complaints, one was substantiated, one was unsubstantiated, and in the third case, the complainant did not participate in follow-up interviews and a determination could not be made. 

Parking and Transportation

For the 2017/2018 school year, the Parking Department renewed 2,600 Faculty and Staff permits, and issued 4,400 student permits with approximately 150 permit requests denied. The changing landscape of Villanova brought over 500 contractors parking throughout campus. Parking Officers wrote 6,500 tickets and booted 35 vehicles. No vehicles were towed from campus during the past year. The Mobility Shuttle program has been averaging over 75 student pick-ups per day. The On and Off Campus Shuttle services approximately 1,100 students per day. Villanova fleet for faculty, staff, and students made 5,500 reservations, traveling 375,000 miles.


The Department experienced 13 separations at various ranks due to retirements, resignations, and terminations throughout the year. Some vacancies were created when officers were promoted into a higher rank.

Unit or Rank # of Vacancies # filled through promotion # of external hires
Criminal Investigator  1 0 1
Sergeant - Police 3 3 0
Sergeant - Patrol 1 1 0
6 1 5
Police Officer 7 1 4
Patrol Officer 2 3 0 3
Patrol Officer 1 3 0 3
Parking Office 2 0 2
Special Events Manager 1 1 0
Investigative Support Specialist 1 1 0
Administrative Assistant 1 1 0

Special Events

The Public Safety Department provided over 7,793 hours of extra special event coverage in 2017. This extra security coverage aids special events held on campus throughout the year. These hours include events such as homecoming, commencement, move-in, campus sporting events, dances, and other activities throughout the year.

Contact Information

On-Campus: 94444
Off-Campus: 610-519-4444

610-519-6979 (option #1)

We are located at Garey Hall
at the intersection of Spring Mill Road and County Line Road

Text: NovaPubSafe
to 444-999
to download our V-Card

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