Writing Retreats

Image of Faculty Writing Retreat

With their many teaching, administrative, and research responsibilities, it can be difficult for faculty to devote sufficient time to writing. A one-day or multi-day writing retreat gives faculty the chance to focus entirely on a project, to write in a quiet, collaborative environment, and to make significant headway toward project completion. 

Writing retreats are typically scheduled at the end of each semester and over breaks. We provide a quiet space, lunch, and consultants who can offer feedback.


“[This writing retreat] gave me structured time and support from writing experts, required me to practice goal-setting, encouraged self-reflective work habits, and provided me with a community of like-minded peers. I also benefited specifically from one-on-one consultation. For the first time in years I felt as if my institution was supporting my research agenda in active way. I can’t tell you how encouraging that was.”     

Jean Lutes
Associate Professor of English

“Writing alongside colleagues from across the University gave me a sense of shared endeavor, and the retreat reminded me that writing is a process. If I engage with the natural ups and downs of that process, the publications will come.”

Adrienne G. Perry, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

“The faculty writing retreats have given me space to write that I don’t have when I’m in my office, where interruptions are frequent, or at home, since I have two young children. They also inspire me by surrounding me with others who are intent on their own writing. I know I'm not alone in this work.”

Christy Lang Hearlson
Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological Education

Writing Together

"It's a heartening sight: a bunch of serious academics sitting all together in a room, writing or sharing writing. There's a certain energy in the air that helps people be productive and creates a spirit that's collegial and supportive. We become allies rather than trying to compete with each other."

-Peter Elbow