Reflections from Villanova Faculty


On the addition of faculty writing support at Villanova

"As teacher-scholars, our products are often the written word. There is no question that the quality of the writing, even in well-regarded publications in my field, has slipped noticeably. While the occasional well-written papers are a pleasure to read, the poorly written ones are not. The editorial boards do not seem to be concerned with the quality of the writing, leaving it to the discretion of the authors. What is published by the faculty carries the reputation of the Villanova University around the world and it must be of the highest quality. The addition of Emily Carson to Villanova to help with faculty scholarly writing has been long overdue."

Bijan G. Mobasseri
Professor of Electrical and Chemical Engineering


On the benefits of a one-on-one writing consult

"I started working with Emily last July on my grant proposals.  In addition to making edits on grammar and terminology, she helped me with the structure of the proposals and creating logical transitions. We met several times in my office to work on making my abstract clearer. She helped me greatly in adding clarity and making the sections more appealing to the reviewers.  And I am pleased to report that I was since awarded a much-sought-after NSF grant!"

Wenqing Xu
Assistant Professor
Chemical and Environmental Engineering


"I was able to talk through an essay that I have been working on with [the consultant]. This conversation not only helped me develop an action plan for revisions, but spurred me on to write more than 2500 words over the course of the two days." 

Megan Quigley
Associate Professor

"As a junior faculty whose English is a second language (on top of struggling with normal time management issues)- knowing you are available to help with different parts of the writing  process is invaluable. As I told you, this is a nice closure- I was stuck with this manuscript for a long long time, then restarted working on it in with your help, and now, 3 months later am resubmitting after revision!"

Peleg Kremer
Assistant Professor
Geography and the Environment


On attending a writing retreat

"[This writing retreat] gave me structured time and support from writing experts, required me to practice goal-setting, encouraged self-reflective work habits, and provided me with a community of like-minded peers. I also benefited specifically from one-on-one consultation. For the first time in years I felt as if my institution was supporting my research agenda in active way. I can't tell you how encouraging that was."       

                                                                      Jean Lutes
Associate Professor of English