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UNITAS Award Recipients

2021 Recipients

Hibba Abugideiri, PhD, History, CLAS
Level Up Villanova! DEI to Antiracism in the Classroom

Amy Way, PhD, Communication, CLAS
Reproductive Healthcare at the Margins

2020 Recipients

Agnese Codebo, PhD, Romance Languages and Literatures, CLAS
Slum Matter: Poverty, Culture, and Dissidence in Buenos Aires

Bryan Crable, PhD, Communication, CLAS
White Sacraments: Ralph Ellison

Jill McCorkel, PhD, Sociology and Criminology, CLAS
Left Behind: The Missing Feminist Revolution in Criminal Justice Reform

Norman Ajari, PhD,
Philosophy, CLAS
Negrophilic desire. Black maleness and white fantasies

2019 Recipients

Aronte Bennett, PhD, Marketing & Business Law, VSB
Dignity and Dependency in the Acquisition and Consumption of Social Program Resources

Jean Lutes, PhD, English, CLAS
The Annals of "Steenth Street: A Lost Story Collection by a Woman of Color

Pankaj Patel, PhD, Management & Operations, VSB
As though being a female entrepreneur was not hard enough? Caste-based discrimination in microfinance loans among females in India

2018 Recipients

Yoon-Na Choo, PhD and Charles R. Taylor, PhD
, Marketing and Business Law – VSB
Photoshopping in Advertising and Its Impact on Womens’ Body Image and Advertising Effectiveness: A Societal and Regulatory Perspective

Hezekiah L. Lewis III, Communications – CLAS
Raised by the System - Feature length documentary film

Billie Murray, PhD, Communications – CLAS
Allied Tactics:  Public Responses to Hate Speech

Delia Popa, PhD, and Vincent Lloyd, PhD, Philosophy and Theology – CLAS
Phenomenology of the Racialized Set