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2014 Past Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grants Recipients

The Office of Research and Graduate Programs is pleased to celebrate these Summer Research Fellowships and Research Support Grant recipients:

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant Recipients

  • Samantha Chapman & Dennis Wykoff, Biology,  Changing Climate, Changing Communities: Investigating Microbial Community Responses to Warming, Seal Level Rise, and Plant Range Shifts
  • Bryan Eigenbrodt, Chemistry, Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Anode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Operation in Complex Hydrocarbon Environment
  • Marc Gallicchio, History, Conservatives, New Dealers, and the Unconditional Surrender of Japan
  • Janette Hebers, Psychology, Health Children and Families:  Strengths, Adversity and Well-being of Children Experiencing Family Homelessness
  • Vikram Iyengar, Biology, Big Wigs and Small Wigs:  The Roles of Sex, Size and Weaponry in the  Mating System of the Maritime Earwig  (Anisolabis Maritima)
  • Anthony Lagalante, Chemistry, Scientific Analysis of Pietro da Cortona's The Triumph of David
  • Bette Mariani, Nursing, Medication Safety Simulation:  Instrument Development and Psychometric Testing
  • Sergey Nersesov, Mechanical Engineering, Coordinated Control of Heterogeneous Autonomous Agent Networks
  • Gabriel Rockhill, Philosophy, Rethinking Revolution
  • Katina Sawyer, Psychology, How Does Conflict Work Without Heteronormative Assumptions?  Development and Validation of an LGB Identity-Based Work-Family Conflict Scale
  • Rachel Smith, Theology & Religious Studies, Horror, Wonder and the Affect of Exemplarity
  • Qianhong Wu, Mechanical Engineering, Lift Generation in a Functionalized Supra Molecular Porous Layer, a Biologically Inspired Research to Super Lubrication

Summer Research Fellowship Recipients

  • Joseph Drury, English, The Machine in the Novel:  Science, Technology and the Form of Eighteenth-Century British Fiction
  • Christopher Schmidt, Education and Counseling, Measuring the Impact of Imago Relationship Therapy on Couple Communication, Marital Satisfaction, Empathy and Personality Congruence
  • Rory Kramer, Sociology & Criminal Justice, Long Term Impacts of Diverse Colleges: A Sixth Wave of the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen
  • Ryan Jorn, Chemistry, Modeling Chemistry and Charge Transfer at the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface

 Research Support Grant Recipients

  • Rick Eckstein, Sociology, Girls Just Want to Have Fun:  How Colleges are Ruining Youth Sports