2012 Past Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grants Recipients

The Office of Research and Graduate Programs is pleased to celebrate these Summer Research Fellowships and Research Support Grants recipients:

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant Recipients

  • Garrett Clayton, Mechanical Engineering; "Two Dimensional Image-Based Measurement of General Scanning Probe Microscope Trajectories"
  • Noelle Comolli, Chemical Engineering; "Albuterol–vitamin D3 combination microparticles for the treatment of severe asthma"
  • Robert Curry, Biology; "Personality in Carolina and Black Capped Chickadees: Potential Influence on Mate Choice in a Rapidly Moving Vertebrate Hybrid Zone"
  • Paul Danove, Theology; "New Testament Verbs of Communication: a Case Frame and Exegetical Study"
  • Steven Goldsmith, Geography and the Environment; "The Role of Intense Storm Events and River Floodplains as a Sink for Terrestrially Derived Carbon"
  • Calvin Hong Li, Mechanical Engineering; "Multiscale Experimental Study of Thermal Transport in Soft Condensed Materials with Nanoscale Inclusions"
  • Zuyi Huang, Chemical Engineering; "Development of a Metabolic Network Model for Psydomonas Aeruginosa in Biofilms"
  • Irene Kan, Psychology; "Understanding and Enhancing Memory Monitoring: a Neuropsychological Perspective"
  • Julie Klein, Philosophy; "Spinoza on Knowing and Being"
  • Joseph Lennon, English, Irish Studies; "The Hunger Artist: Marion Wallace-Dunlop and the First Hunger Strike"
  • Rayna Markin, Education and Counseling; "Early Treatment Outcome of Long-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and a Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: How and Why Patients Change"
  • Kevin Minbiole, Chemistry: "Polycephalic (Multiheaded) Amphiphiles: Rational Development of Novel Antibacterial Agents"
  • Sally Scholz, Philosophy; "Human Rights and Feminist Global Solidarities"
  • Erica Slotter, Psychology; "Self-Concept Recovery After Relationship Dissolution: Investigating Predictors Outcomes and Potential Interventions"
  • Michael Smith; "Investigation of Vanadium Oxide Catalysis"
  • Bridget Wadzuk and Andrea Welker, Civil and Environmental Engineering; "Nutrient Export from a Green Roof"
  • Xiafong Wang, Electrical Engineering; "Dynamically-Adaptable Channel Buffers for Area-Efficient and High-Performance Networks on Chip"

Research Support Grant Only

  • Jeremy Kees, Marketing: "Consumer Behavior and Public Policy Behavioral Lab"