2009 Past Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grants Recipients

The Office of Research and Graduate Programs is pleased to celebrate these Summer Research Fellowships and Research Support Grants recipients:

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Robert  Curry,  Biology; "Dynamics of the Moving Hybrid Zone between Black Capped Chickadees and Carolina Chickadees in Southern Pennsylvania:  Field Study and Application of New Molecular Markers"
  • Dr. Nicole  M. Else-Quest, Psychology; "Gender Differences in Self Conscious  Emotions: A Developmental  Mela-Analysis"
  • Dr. Irene P. Kan, Psychology; "The Role of Semantic Support in New Learning: Evidence from Amnesia"
  • Dr. Patrick  Markey, Psychology; "A New Assessmenl of the Interpersonal Circumplex: The International Item Pool - Interpersonal Circumplex (IPIP-IPC)"
  • Dr. Tim McCall,  History; "Art and Chivalric Masculinity in Early Renaissance Italy"
  • Dr. Alel,sandra Radlinska, Civil and Environmental  Engineering; "Susrainabilily of Concrete Structures: Shrinkage-Based Design Approach"
  • Dr. Jill Rappoport, English; "Giving Women: Sisterhood and Exchange in Victorian Literature"
  • Dr. Bridget  Wadzuk, Civil and Environmental Engineering; "The Kinetics of A Constructed Stormwater Wetland"
  • Dr. Xiaofang Wang,  Electrical and Computing Engineering; "A High-Performance and Resource-Efficient  On-Chip Communication Network/or Multiprocessors  on FPGAs"
  • Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston,  Geography and the Environment; "The Impacts of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Tidal Freshwater Marshes of the Delaware River Estuary"

Summer Research Fellowships

  • Dr. Walter A. Brogan, Philosophy; "Marlin Heidegger 's Being and Time.- A Commentary"
  • Dr. Heather Hicks, English, "The Planet Seemed to Grow Larger and Smaller":  Local and Globed Subjectivity in the War olthe Worlds"
  • Dr. Christopher Kilby, Economics; "Donor Influence in International Financial Institutions Deciphering What Alignment Measures Measure"
  • Dr. MatthewS. Matell, Psychology: "Averaging of Temporal Memories in the Rat"
  • Dr. Alain J. Phares, Physics; "Absorption on Terraces and Nanotubes"

Research Support Grants

  • Dr. Craig Bailey, History; "Re-Imaging the Metropole: The Middle Class Irish Community  in Eighteenth Century London"