Intellectual Property

Villanova University’s faculty, staff, and students are regularly involved in scholarly activities that stem from the core teaching, learning, research, and service missions of the University.  While the primary focus of such efforts is the advancement of the University mission, the products of scholarship often have broader applications to and benefits for the individuals involved, to the University, and to society.  By establishing a policy on Intellectual Property, Villanova University seeks to support the activities of the faculty, staff, and students in identifying, protecting, and administering Intellectual Property matters and defining the rights and responsibilities of all involved.


The Intellectual Property Policy Board (IPPB) serves as an advisory committee to the Provost on Intellectual Property issues.

Intellectual Property Policy Board

  • Amanda Grannas
  • Susan Stearsman
  • Tracey Pachman
  • Gary Gabriele
  • Barry Selinsky
  • Suzanne Smeltzer
  • Michael Risch
  • Ting Yang
  • Pali Singh
  • Al Ortega
  • Ed Dougherty
  • II Luscri
  • Chris Mansour (student member)
  • Chinasa Nwokocha (student member)
  • Brady Acton (student member)
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