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Develop Your Grantseeking Plan

A One-Day Bootcamp with McAllister & Quinn


In almost any academic discipline, external funding creates new research opportunities and professional networks that help faculty thrive in their scholarly pursuits. Securing funding from foundations and government agencies, however, requires planning. Scholars and researchers are most successful when they link the pursuit of funding to their long-term goals, developing an advance plan for when, where, and in what sequences to pursue grant opportunities. Grantseeking plans help you chart out your milestones, so you stay organized and on target with your goals and are ready to get funding when you need it.
The 3-Year Grantseeking Plan Bootcamp is designed to assist participants in crafting an actionable workplan for pursuing grant funding. During the workshop, we will work with you to:
  • Articulate your 5-year research agenda: What research topics do you intend to pursue over the next five years? How can you parse this agenda to best support your professional goals? How will you position yourself over the next few years to secure the funding you need to pursue this research agenda? 
  • Determine likely funders: How do internal and external funders map to your research capacities and interests? Which funding agencies are likely to support your research agenda? What do you need to know about the mission, priorities, culture, and procedures of agencies likely to fund your research? What are the roles of program officers and reviewers and how can you engage them? When and how do you meet with program officers?
  • Create a 3-year grantseeking plan: How can you develop a plan to win a series of grants that will support your line of scholarship as you progress in your academic career? What types of funding will you need to succeed with your research agenda? How do you create a process for identifying opportunities early? What grant do you plan to seek first and when is the proposal due? What grant will you pursue next? How long will it take to produce the proposal? What steps will you take if the proposal is declined?
This training session is designed to introduce new grant seekers from all disciplines to key concepts and resources to increase their understanding of, readiness for, and competitiveness for grant funding. It will help participants:
  • articulate long term funding goals and map a path to achieve them;
  • build knowledge, skills, and competencies for competitive grantsmanship well in advance of a call for proposals; 
  • craft real products and deliverables to meet goals.


Join us!


Who: All faculty and post-doctoral fellows any discipline who are new to the grant seeking process or those with more experience who are looking to refresh their grantseeking plans. PhD students with ABD status may register provisionally to be notified of space availability the week of the event. 

What: Structured presentations, small group and individual hands-on activities, Q&A, and consultations with Jessica Venable, Ph.D., Executive Director, Research Universities Practice, McAllister & Quinn.

When: October 25, approximately 9-3pm

Where: Villanova Inn, refreshments and lunch will be provided

How to register: complete the registration form by clicking here.