Project Request Form

OPIR has always done its very best to respond swiftly and professionally to requests for studies (e.g., surveys, focus groups, data mining) from departments and units. Over the last several years we have averaged over 30 surveys and over a dozen focus groups annually. Due to continuously increasing volume and a desire to improve project management, we have decided to initiate a simple application form.

If you are requesting OPIR to conduct a study, please complete this form and submit to: Dr. James Trainer, AVP and Executive Director, OPIR.

*Please note that all requests must be signed by a Villanovan at the Dean or Executive Director level or higher.


OPIR Data/Confidentiality Policy

All data across all forms of data collection instruments are to be either anonymous or confidential. Data are anonymous when no one is aware of who submitted the data (for example, a paper & pencil survey with no name or other identifying information.) Data are confidential when the submitter of the data can be identified (for example, this is the case with many – not all - web based surveys or surveys where tracking numbers are assigned to monitor returns for follow-up with non-respondents). Anonymous data, by their very nature, present few issues around confidentiality. With confidential data, OPIR keeps the identity of respondents or participants to itself and will not release that identity to any other office or individual. OPIR keeps all data in secure files. When preparing reports, OPIR is meticulous in assuring that identity cannot be determined. For example, narrative comments are closely read and edited as necessary to eliminate any possible identifying language. Numerical data are grouped to prevent identification of an individual (for example, if there are 10 or fewer sophomores in a data set, those data will be merged with other classes).

OPIR Cost Policy

Please note that OPIR charges for reimbursement of all OPIR out-of-pocket expenses, that is direct costs of materials, postage and special services such as data entry and consultant services. OPIR staff and manager time on any project is not charged back to the requestor. For requests that are not University-wide projects (i.e., projects requested by colleges and departments), OPIR typically provides cost-free project oversight/review but is reimbursed for consultants who perform the work for the project which may include such tasks as instrument construction, data collection and analysis and report writing.