OPIR's Mission

 A highly-respected, highly-utilized office with a deeply collegial, service-oriented team that renders outstanding professional work, including:

  • Conducting cutting edge studies and offering technical assistance in support of strategic planning at the university, college and department levels.
  • Conducting evaluation and assessment studies and data analysis at all levels as well as offering technical assistance in these areas.
  • Managing and continuously improving the CATS data collection/analysis/reporting system, including preparing special reports and data mining.
  • Collecting certain externally mandated data and data for professional organizations.

Survey Research

  • Surveying key constituent groups to support planning, assessment, accreditation and ongoing program improvement.
  • Assisting Villanova units to conduct survey research and evaluation activities, including study design, instrument development, as well as distribution, statistical analysis and report preparation.


  • Serves on and supports the University-wide Outcomes Assessment Committee.
  • Works directly with the Provost
  • Conducts survey research, including the systematic survey cycle.
  • Administers the Course and Teacher Survey (CATS).
  • Conducts statistical analyses at the university, college and departmental levels.
  • Provides technical assistance to colleges and departments in support of their assessment efforts. Serves on college level committees as invited.
  • Conduct assessment workshops.
  • Coordinates University level accreditation activities.

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups
  • Observation
  • Individual Interviews
  • Garnering best practices

Course and Teacher Surveys (CATS)

  • Every semester, administer, analyze and prepare reports of student perceptions of each academic classes
  • Fully participate in the modification of CATS forms and report protocols
  • Conduct ad hoc studies using the CATS data base to answer pertinent research questions.