Private Tutors

A list of faculty and students who have indicated they are available as private tutors is below.  Their position as a private tutor is in no way connected with the MLRC. 

The MLRC makes no statement as to the quality of tutelage or to any fee which may be imposed. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact and make all arrangements with the tutor.

Name Email  Subject Year
Tasha Boland All levels of Math Jr
James Cooney Algebra,Calc, Stats,Proofs, Complex Analysis, Jr
    Linear  Algebra, Matrices  
Meghan Cullinan Algebra 1& 2, Calc 1 & 2, Statistics Sr
Madison Davis Grade & High School math, Cal I Soph
Dipika Deb Grade & High School Math, SAT Math,Calc I & II Jr
    Linear Algebra  
Julia Dimmerling Grade & High School math, Calc I, Intro to Stats So
Maria D'Jay Grade & High School math, Calc I, II & III Jr
Julia Episcopio Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calc I  
Tim Holton Grade & High School Math, Geometry, Algebra Sr
    Pre-Calc, Calc I, II, III, Diff Equations  
Doug Klamka Grade & High School Math, SAT Math, Algebra, Pre-Calc, Calc I, II, III So
Shantel Silva Algebra, Geometry, Pre Calc, Calc  
Cheryl Kilroy Statistics, AP Statistics Instructor
Ryan Zalla High School Math, AP Calc BC, Calc I, II, III, Diff Eq, Math Stat, Stat Methods, Complex Analysis, Geometry, SAT, GRE, Linear Alg, Modern Alg, Advanced Calc Sr
Sean Knowles Calc I & II, Geometry, Algebra, Diff Equations, Statistics So