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Institute Programs and Initiatives


Lorenzini Family Leadership Ambassadors Program: in keeping with our vision to cultivate an environment in which Villanovans speak out to challenge gender-based assumptions and advocate for policy changes leading to a better and more equal society, The McNulty Institute has established the Lorenzini Leadership Ambassadors Program. A cohort of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about creating change and advancing women's leadership, ambassadors promote and disseminate the work of the Institute, advocate for gender equity through a personalized leadership project, and cultivate a campus environment that fosters women's advancement. Click here for more information. 

20-21 Women's Leadership Development Series: The COVID-19 crisis has amplified many inequities and issues for women in their workplaces, communities and families. It has also been a time when we have seen extraordinary leadership and growth in the understanding of what skills are needed to address them. In conjunction with Villanova's College of Professional Studies, the McNulty Institute is pleased to present the Women’s Leadership Development Series, featuring virtual panels and workshops focused on topics most critical for women in these challenging times. Click here for more information.

Launching Fall 2021: Women's Leadership Development Certificate: In keeping with its mission to foster women’s advancement, The Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership, in partnership with the College of Professional Studies, created a leadership development certificate (non-credit) geared towards “women in the middle.” The program builds on the participants’ experiences and interests to develop their leadership skills, and form their own unique path to leadership. Ideal for women who have five or more years of experience in either formal or informal roles, those seeking a career change, or those returning to the workforce—the Women's Leadership Development Certificate will help individuals build new skills, gain an awareness of systemic issues related to gender inequality, and explore ways to influence change. Click here for more information.

Let Her Speak: Originally started by our student leadership ambassadors, Let Her Speak has grown to be one of the Institute’s flagship programs. Focused on amplifying voices and fostering conversation, Let Her Speak is a week-long series of in-person and online discussions around the intersection of gender and a specific discipline, industry, or current event. Visit our events page to learn about an upcoming Let Her Speak week. Please note: because of COVID restrictions all Let Her Speak conversations will be virtual for the 20-21 academic year.

Idol Family Summer Fellows Program: The McNulty Institute, in collaboration with the Villanova Institute for Research & Scholarship, is proud to announce the Idol Family Summer Fellows Program, an exciting new fellowship aimed to create innovative, scholarly collaborations that will advance gender equity and promote social change. The Program is designed to foster collaborative cross-disciplinary communities of scholars committed to the development and dissemination of scholarship that addresses the most pressing issues related to gender equity. Click here for more information.

The Women’s Leadership Diaries: a multimedia platform using women's stories to reframe the perception of "leader" to be inclusive of the daily experiences of diverse women and the guiding principles of influence, impact, change agency, and equity. Click here for more information.

Leadership Labs for Equity: bringing together change agents from across Villanova, participants work collaboratively in teams to resolve problem statements related to equity and advancement. Facilitators use the design studio method, which combines divergent (individual) and convergent (group) thinking, to help the teams develop a shared understanding of the problem statement, explore and iterate various solutions, and ultimately build consensus around a prototype solution. As an opportunity for both personal and professional development, Leadership Labs for Equity seek to increase participants awareness of the issues preventing—and develop strategies for achieving—greater equity and advancement for women in education, the workplace, and society. Contact Danielle ( if you are interested in using the Leadership Labs approach in your department.

Women's Leadership Transitions Series: open to all, this series provides programs and resources to prepare women to succeed in lifelong leadership development, especially through transitions points in their lives and careers. The Women's Leadership Transitions Series is a collaborative initiative across Villanova led by the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership, Villanova University Office of Alumni Relations, and The Villanova University Career Center.  Click here for more information.