Institute Programs and Initiatives


Leadership Ambassadors Program: in keeping with our vision to cultivate an environment in which Villanovans speak out to challenge gender-based assumptions and advocate for policy changes leading to a better and more equal society, The McNulty Institute has established its inaugural cohort of Women's Leadership Ambassadors. Click here for more information about the Ambassadors Program. If you are interested in working with our ambassadors, please email Danielle DeWeese at

Women's Leadership Transitions Series: open to all, this series provides programs and resources to prepare women to succeed in lifelong leadership development, especially through transitions points in their lives and careers. The Women's Leadership Transitions Series is a collaborative initiative across Villanova led by the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership, Villanova University Office of Alumni Relations, and The Villanova University Career Center. The 2019 theme for the transitions series is financial security. Click here for resources and a recap of our kick off event, Breaking the Cycle: Taking Control of Your Financial Life.

The Women’s Leadership Diaries: a multimedia platform using women's stories to reframe the perception of "leader" to be inclusive of the daily experiences of diverse women and the guiding principles of influence, impact, change agency, and equity. Click here to learn more about the Women’s Leadership Diaries.

Leadership Labs for Equity: bringing together change agents from across Villanova, participants work collaboratively in teams to resolve problem statements related to equity and advancement. Facilitators use the design studio method, which combines divergent (individual) and convergent (group) thinking, to help the teams develop a shared understanding of the problem statement, explore and iterate various solutions, and ultimately build consensus around a prototype solution. As an opportunity for both personal and professional development, Leadership Labs for Equity seek to increase participants awareness of the issues preventing—and develop strategies for achieving—greater equity and advancement for women in education, the workplace, and society. Our inaugural Leadership Labs, with support from Praxair (Linde) was held on March 26, 2019. Look for Leadership Labs 2019/2020 dates shortly. Contact Danielle ( if you are intersted in using the Leadership Labs approach in your department.