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2016 Reconsiderations Conference Program

7:30 P.M. Driscoll Hall Auditorium Main Campus

Welcoming Remarks: Fr. Peter Donohue, OSA
President, Villanova University

Introduction:  James Wetzel, Villanova University

Saint Augustine Lecture

Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA Villanova University
Engaging the Gospel of John

Friday September 16th

Room 115 VCC

Morning Session MODERATOR: Joshua Nunziato (VU)

I. The Augustinian Person

9:00 Jesse Couenhoven, Villanova University

Fleshing Out Augustine's Moral Psychology

9:40 J. Patout Burns, Jr., University of Vanderbilt, emeritus

Human Agency in Augustine’s doctrine of Predestination


10:35 Matthew Drever, University of Tulsa

Finding our home in God: reimagining human personhood within the life of the Spirit

11:15 Discussion

12:15 LUNCH - Main Dining Room

Afternoon Session:  MODERATOR: Martin Laird, OSA (VU)

II. Augustine’s thought in cultural context

1:45 Margaret R. Miles, Berkeley Graduate Theological Union, emerita

To Die For: Bodies, Pleasures, and the Young Augustine

2:25 Catherine Conybeare, Bryn Mawr College

ut tecum tamquam mecum audeam conloqui: the politics of retun


3:20 Michael Lamb, University of Oxford

Augustine and Republican Liberty:Contextualizing His Defense of Coercion

4:00 Discussion

6:00 Reception



Room 115 VCC

Morning Session: MODERATOR: Kevin Hughes (VU)

III. Augustine and Marriage

9:00 David Hunter, University of Kentucky

Augustine’s Doubts on Divorce: A Reading of De coniugiis adulterinis

9:40 John CavadiniUniversity of Notre Dame

Reconsidering Marriage and Concupiscence


10:35 Danuta Shanzer, Universität Wien

What Have Philology and Literary Criticism To Do with Augustine on Marriage?

11:15 Discussion

12:15   LUNCH - Main Dining Room

Afternoon Session: MODERATOR: Jonathan Yates, (VU)

IV. Augustine on John

1:45 Johannes Brachtendorf, University of Tübingen

“Jesus wept" (Joh 11,35) - Christ's sadness in Augustine's and Aquinas' Commentaries on the Gospel of St. John

2:25 Volker Henning Drecoll, University of Tübingen

Remarks on the Christology of the In Iohannis euangelium tractatus


3:20 Michael Cameron, University of Portland

Johannine Trends in Augustine's Formation ad Confessiones

4:00 Discussion

4:45 Conclusion

Reconsiderations Conference Archive



Reconsiderations IV (2012)

The Saint Augustine Lecture
James Wetzel, Villanova University
A Tangle of Two Cities

Session :   I. Augustine’s World 
Robert Wilken, University of Virginia
Augustine's World and the World of Cyril of Alexandria

Jason BeDuhn, Northern Arizona University
What Augustine (May Have) Learned from the Manichaeans

Maureen Tilley, Fordham University
Family and Financial Conflict in the Donatist Controversy:   Augustine’s Pastoral Problem.

Session:  II. Interpreting Augustine  

Michael McCarthy, S.J., Santa Clara University
Interpreting Augustine: Mirrors, Models, and the Middle Voice

John Peter Kenney, Saint Michael’s College
God as Being: Interpreting Augustine

Ellen Charry, Princeton Theological Seminary
Augustine’s Psychology of Ascent Asocial?

Session :   III. Augustine and Theology 

Lewis Ayres, Durham University
“In the School of Plato”? Some comments on “Philosophical”  Readings of Augustine's De Trinitate

John Cavadini, University of Notre Dame
Spousal Vision: A Study of Text ad History in the Theology of St. Augustine

 William Harmless, S.J., Creighton University
A Love Supreme: Augustine’s “Jazz” of Theology

Session:  II. Augustine’s Legacy 

Irena Backus, University of Geneva
Leibniz and Augustine

Willemien Otten, University of Chicago
Between Praise and Appraisal: Guidelines for the Assessment of Augustine's Intellectual Legacy 

Paul van Geest, Tilburg University
Multi-layered indebtedness: St. Augustine as fons and auctoritas for Gabriel Biel




reconsideration III


Reconsiderations III (2009)

September 17, 18, 19, 2009

A Conference on the thought and legacy of Augustine of Hippo - Celebrating 50 years of the Saint Augustine Lecture Series

"Saint Augustine Lecture"
Isabelle Bochet, S.F.X., Institut Catholique Institut d’Études Augustiniennes, Paris, "Scripture in Augustine's Controversy with Porphyry"

Session I:   Augustine and Scripture
Michael Cameron, University of Portland; Karla Pollman, St Andrews University, Scotland; John Cavadini, Notre Dame University; Michael McCarthy, S.J., Santa Clara University

Session II: Augustine the Theologian
Brian Daley, S.J., Notre Dame University; Robert Dodaro, O.S.A., Augustinianum, Rome; Lewis Ayres, Durham University; Mathijs Lamberigts, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Session III: "Augustine and Philosophy"
Luigi Alici, Università di Macerata, Italy; Gerd Van Riel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Giovanni Catapano, Università di Padova, Italy; Frederick Van Fleteren, LaSalle University

Session IV: Augustine Engaging the World
John Bowlin, Princeton Theological Seminary; Kathleen Roberts Skerrett, Grinnell College; Eric Gregory, Princeton University; Charles Mathewes, University of Virg




Reconsiderations 2006 image


Reconsiderations Conference II (2006)

September 28-30, 2006


A conference on Augustine of Hippo and the development of his thought. This Conference was part of The Dialogue between Faith and Culture: A Series of Conferences and Symposia in Honor of the Inauguration of the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A. as Villanova University’s thirty-second President.

2006 St. Augustine Lecture 
Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 7:30 P.M.
"Facing Wealth and Poverty: Defining Augustine's Social Doctrine"
Professor Claude Lepelley: Emeritus professor, University of Paris X – Nanterre. Emeritus lecturer, École des Hautes Études – Sciences religieuses, Sorbonne. Emeritus president of the Institut d’Études Augustiniennes, Paris.

Session I: The God of Augustine 
Lewis Ayres, Emory University, Atlanta; Isabelle Bochet, sfx, Institut d'Etudes Augustiniennes, Paris, Centre Sèvres-Facultés Jésuites de Paris; Michael Cameron, University of Portland; John Kevin Coyle, St. Paul University, Ottawa.

Session II: Augustine on “The Self” 
Sarah Byers, Ave Maria University; John Cavadini, University of Notre Dame; John Kenney, St. Michael’s College; James Wetzel, Villanova University.

Session III: Augustine the Controversialist 
Robert Dodaro O.S.A., Istituto Patristico Augustinianum; Eric Rebillard, Cornell University; Michel Barnes, Marquette University; Karla Pollman, University of St. Andrews.

Session IV: Augustine and the Philosophers 
Johannes Brachtendorf, Universität Tübingen; Giovanni Catapano, Università di Padova; Gerd Van Riel Katholieke, Universiteit Leuven; Marianne Djuth, Canisius College.

Sponsored by Villanova University and Augustinian Studies, in collaboration with the Augustinianum, Rome and the Augustijns Historisch Instituut, Heverlee-Louvain, Belgium.







Reconsiderations Conference (2003)

December 4-6, 2003

A Conference on Contemporary Augustinian Scholarship. This conference was on the occasion of the 2003 St. Augustine Lecture by Peter Brown Rollins Professor of History Princeton University, sponsored by Villanova University and Augustinian Studies, in collaboration with the Patristic Institute Augustinianum, Rome, Italy.

Scholars who study the figure, history, and thought of Augustine of Hippo find themselves compelled to deal with Peter Brown's important work Augustine of Hippo: A Biography (1967, 2000). Its publication almost four decades ago marked a new era in Augustinian scholarship, making it a reference point and signaling a virtual renaissance in the study of the Bishop of Hippo, then and still today. On the occasion of the 2003 St. Augustine Lecture by Prof. Brown, Villanova University is sponsoring an International Conference that will examine the current state and future prospects for Augustinian scholarship.

2003 St. Augustine Lecture
Thursday, December 4, 2003, 7:30 P.M.
"Augustine and a Crisis of Wealth in the Late Antique Church"
Prof. Peter Brown

Friday, December 5, 2003

Morning sessions: Augustine and the Practice of Theology
Moderator: David Hunter (Iowa State)

Lewis Ayres - (Emory) "Augustine on the Rule of Faith: Rhetoric, Christology, and the foundation of Christian thinking"

Carol Harrison - (Durham) "The most intimate feeling of my mind": The permanence of grace in Augustine's theological practice."

Michael Cameron - (Portland) "Totus Christus and the Psychagogy of Augustine's Sermons."

Afternoon Session: Augustine, Roman Africa, and the Construction of Christianity
Moderator: Darlene Weaver (Villanova)

E. Ann Matter - (Penn) "De cura feminarum: Augustine the Bishop, North African Women, and the Development of a Theology of Female Nature."

Eric Rebillard - (CARE, Paris) "Nec deserere memorias suorum: Augustine and the family-based commemoration of the dead."

Patout Burns - (Vanderbilt) "Augustine Assimilating Cyprian: Integrating Donatist Clergy."

December 6, 2003

Morning Session: Augustine on the Human Being and Christ
Moderator: Daniel Doyle, O.S.A. (Villanova)

Robert Dodaro - (Augustinianum) "Augustine and the Revision of the Heroic Ideal"

Mathijs Lamberigts - (Leuven) "In defence of Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and men. Augustine's view of Christ in the Pelagian Controversy."

John Cavadini - (Notre Dame) "Constructing and Deconstructing the Passions: an Augustinian Reconsideration."

Afternoon session: Augustine on Conversion, Asceticism, and Authority
Moderator: Catherine Conybeare (Bryn Mawr)

Conrad Leyser - (Manchester) "Homo pauper sum: Augustine, Church Property, and the Retrospective Self'."

George Lawless - (Augustinianum) "Ex Africa semper aliquid novi: The Rules of Saint Augustine."

Liz Clark - (Duke) "Distinguishing 'Distinction': The Uses of a Bishop's Authority."