Interdisciplinary Scholars Program

Interdisciplinary Humanities Class of 2015

Interdisciplinary Humanities empowers students to think about some of the most important human questions about life, literature, art, and history from a variety of perspectives by reading great books together.  In each class, three caring, high powered scholars from different disciplines teach students at the same time.  This creates a rich learning environment that breaks down the boundaries between subjects, allowing students to read texts and ask questions across fields and perspectives.  Another distinctive feature of this cohort is that it allows students to engage in performances of some of the great books they will read.  Learning only begins in the classroom, so Interdisciplinary Humanities students engage their studies by visiting museums and attending plays that bring their studies to life.  Interdisciplinary Humanities fulfills many Core Requirements, giving students the opportunity to engage a comprehensive, integrated education. This learning cohort is best for students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Business.

Goals of the Cohort


Background for future studies:  Instead of using a survey course format, the Interdisciplinary Scholars sequence concentrates selectively on individual themes, events and writers that have been particularly important in shaping the Western world.  The courses are meant to provide an intellectual grounding that will serve as a useful background for advanced work in virtually any discipline in the humanities that the student pursues in his or her upper class years.

Interdisciplinary thinking:  scholars value the ability to cross the boundaries that separate different disciplines as an essential skill for future studies and future careers.  There is a very strong emphasis, therefore, not only on learning the material but also on learning how to relate and integrate it.

Communications skills:  The small class size and informal atmosphere of Interdisciplinary Scholars help students get a great deal of practice and skill in presenting their ideas and questions orally through class dialogue.  A writing intensive sequence, with a heavy emphasis on writing skills, students write a number of papers and other written assignments followed by individual conferences with faculty members.

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