Global Scholars PPE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the study abroad experience?

If studying in Cambridge, students should plan to arrive in Cambridge by January 12 for a January 13 semester start date. The program in Cambridge ends on April 4, and students must vacate housing by April 5. Because of the truncated nature of the semester, there will be no mid-term break.

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I've heard that Cambridge is on a trimester system, so will our students be joining their classes after they've started?

Cambridge is indeed on a trimester system, but the Cambridge-based organization with whom we are partnering is on a semester system, so students will take a block of five classes, similar to Villanova's schedule.

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What are the living arrangements at Cambridge?

We have arranged for apartments in Cambridge to be reserved for our students. The apartments are located across the campus green from the main campus. These apartments are self-catered flats, a common arrangement for students in the UK.

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What are the financial costs associated with the study abroad experience?

Students will pay their regular Villanova tuition costs, but and will pay a separate housing cost of approximately $3500. Students will also be responsible for airfare and food costs. Students will not be billed for Villanova room and board; nor will they be billed for the on-campus medical center.

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How do students book their travel arrangements?

As with most other Villanova study abroad experiences, each student is responsible for his own travel to and from the study abroad site. Villanova has a number of travel agents who are happy to assist you in booking flights. They will have the opportunity to attend a travel advice meeting on campus in the fall semester. For those studying in London, students should fly to London Heathrow Airport. For those studying in Cambridge, students will also fly to London Heathrow, and will then travel to Cambridge via train.

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Will any Villanova representatives be present during the study abroad experience?

A representative from the Villanova will be visiting the students over Villanova's spring break, but, as with most other study abroad experiences, students will have to communicate with Villanova staff and faculty electronically.

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What courses can the students take while abroad?

All students studying in Cambridge will take the Honors course titled Ethics in Action (for a printable version of the full seminar description, syllabus, and reading list, click here) . Students will then select four additional courses from the traditional INSTEP Cambridge offerings found here: 
In addition to the courses listed on the website, a Theology course in Christian History will also be on offer to students interested in completed their upper level Theology requirement.  These classes are conducted in what is called the "Oxbridge" model: a small number of students and one tutor meet on a regular basis for a more intimate, individualized learning experience.

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How will grading and credit transfer work?

Classes will appear on a student's transcript as a transfer (T) credit and will not affect the student's GPA. Students must earn at least a C for the credit to be tranferred. Students work with their advisors and a staff member from the Office of International Study to determine if study abroad courses will count for required courses at Villanova.

Students should also meet with Dr. Smith to discuss which courses will count for Honors credit.

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Will students need to move their belongings out of their Villanova dorm room when they go abroad?

Yes, as with all other students studying abroad, they will need to move all of their belongings out of their Villanova dorm room at Villanova's semester break.

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Will there be any opportunities for further travel or excursions whilst studying abroad?

Villanova will not be coordinating any official travel or excursions for students, but students studying abroad routinely do further travel through their own arrangements. Both Cambridge and the London School of Economics have clubs and organizations that organize excursions.

Budget airlines, buses, and trains are all very accessible to students for weekend travel, as well as travel at the end of the semester. Students may want to consider booking their return flight for a later date in order to allow for a period of travel.

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