Freshman Learning Cohorts

group of learning cohorts

A learning cohort is a living and learning community, in which Honors students take themed classes together and live in the Honors dorm on South Campus. The themed classes in the cohorts allow students to complete Core Requirements around subjects that interest them, and living in the Honors dorm promotes academic excellence and fellowship of likeminded students.

Learning cohorts are an optional, but enriching experience for Honors students. Most Honors students choose to participate in a learning cohort and live in the Honors dorm. Our students enjoy the opportunity in their first semester to meet other students who like learning about the same things they do, and to live with them in close community. Joining a learning cohort makes class discussions more engaging and creates deep friendships.

Learning Cohort Sequences

The Honors Program offers the following Learning Cohorts:

  • Business & Society

    In this learning cohort, Honors VSB students are given a unique course of study through the Honors Program that culminates in the Honors Degree. This is an opportunity to engage in a well-described curricular path that encompasses VSB’s core requirements in the liberal arts along with the business curriculum. All courses within this sequence take a balanced “business and society” perspective. read more

  • Global Scholars: Independent Humanities Scholars

    One of the hallmarks of a global education in the twenty-first century is the ability to expand the minds and enlarge the sensibilities of students through distinctive study abroad experiences. This program will educate Villanova students to become transformative leaders for the global environment of the twenty-first century. read more

  • Global Scholars: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

    One of the hallmarks of a global education in the twenty-first century is the ability to expand the minds and enlarge the sensibilities of students through distinctive study abroad experiences. At the same time, many of most pressing issues facing the world today such as environmental degradation or the recent crises in the financial markets lie at the intersection of politics, economics, and ethics. read more

  • Interdisciplinary Scholars Program

    A unique opportunity to explore the classics of Western civilization in a seminar setting, the Interdisciplinary Scholar sequence is a team-taught experience in the Humanities that brings together the university’s best faculty and its most exceptional students in a study of the texts and cultures that define our world. read more

  • Medical Humanities

    The goal of this sequence is an integrated, longitudinal academic program in medical humanities that would provide students the skill set to 1) engage in sustained critical reflection on the meaning of such concepts as the nature of suffering, health, quality of life, disability, and the purpose of research, in the context of the history of such ideas within fields such as literature, philosophy, religion and politics, and 2) analyze and formulate recommendations for action in situations of actual ethical dilemmas regarding health care. read more

  • The Good, True, Beautiful Sequence

    Students examine significant ancient and modern texts through the lens of society and human behavior and advance their knowledge and understanding of human thought. The sequence fosters interaction among undergraduates considering an academic career in the social sciences by introducing them to key concepts in psychology, sociology, political science, and criminology. read more

Honors: Shaping a College Life  

Honors Students can participate in this program on its own or in conjunction with an Honors Learning Cohort.This program is available only to Honors freshmen living in Caughlin Hall.

Shaping a College Life aims at helping Honors students navigate successfully across the threshold of high school to college by inviting them into a co-curricular one-credit experience focused around several themes such as: Study Skills and the Life of the Mind, Distraction and Free Time, Meaningful Work, Resume Writing, Involvement & Friendships, Dealing with Anxiety, Forming Relationships, and linking students to various resources on campus that highlight these topics. This reflective experience will provide students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their peer group, and Villanova.. more

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