ACS Program Faculty Mentors

Christopher Thomas Daly, D.Phil.

Jesus College, University of Oxford, 1994 (History)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: SAC 084; Phone: 610-519-6944

Dr. Daly specializes in the history of late-medieval and early-modern England. He is interested in aspects of social and religious policies and practices as they pertain to urban poor in the early 16th century. In addition to teaching in the Core Humanities Program, he has taught courses on Tudor-Stuart England, The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, The European Renaissance, as well as the general surveys of European and American History. Dr. Daly holds a Master's Degree from the College of William and Mary, and has taught at Saint Joseph's University and Chestnut Hill College. Dr. Daly would be delighted to help students interested in the investigation of questions relating to the history of England and continental Europe in the early-modern period.

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Gregory Hoskins, Ph.D.

Villanova University, 2005 (Philosophy)
Assistant Director, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program
Assistant Professor, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program
Office: SAC 81; Phone: 610-519-8100

Dr. Hoskins specializes in social and political philosophy and in the philosophy of history and memory. Although his research is interdisciplinary in nature – utilizing resources primarily from political theory, history, sociology, and psychology – it is broadly informed by the continental philosophical tradition (particularly by existentialism and hermeneutics). He has taught Honors seminars on such topics as “Existentialism in Philosophy and Art,” “Liberal Democracy and its Discontents,” and “Memory and Identity.” He would welcome the opportunity to mentor students in their studies of texts and questions that cross disciplinary boundaries, particularly with reference continental philosophy, history, and the social sciences.

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John-Paul Spiro, M.A.

University of Chicago, 1997 (Literature)
Fellow, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program
Office: SAC 135; Phone: 610-519-4073

Mr. Spiro specializes in English Renaissance literature, especially Shakespeare and Milton, but his primary interest lies in the intersections of literature, philosophy, and theology.  In addition to teaching the Augustine and Culture Seminar, he has taught the Medieval and Renaissance literature section in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and various courses on Shakespeare at Villanova and other colleges.  He has advised several theatrical productions of Shakespeare's plays and he lectures regularly at local theaters.  He is happy to mentor students in their studies of texts and questions that cross disciplinary boundaries, particularly with reference to English Renaissance literature, aesthetics, analytic philosophy, or film.

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