Romance Languages and Literatures Faculty Mentors

Mercedes Juliá, Ph.D.

University of Chicago, 1987
Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Office: SAC 303; Phone: 610-519-7478
Web site:

Dr. Juliá is an expert in modern and contemporary Spanish literature. She has written extensively on Spanish contemporary poetry, especially the poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez and his contemporaries. She has also investigated Hispanic modernism and the postmodern narrative in an interdisciplinary manner, emphasizing the relation between history, philosophy, art and literature. Her current research includes the completion of a work that Juan Ramón Jiménez left unpublished.  She has recently published two monographs, one on the postmodern historical novel:  Las ruinas del pasado (2006), and the second on the latest poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez, De la nueva luz (2010).

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Silvia Nagy-Zekmi, Ph.D.

ELTE University, Budapest, 1981
Director of Hispanic Graduate Studies
Director of the Cultural Studies Program
Office: SAC 341; Phone: 610-519-3069

Dr. Nagy-Zekmi’s research interests include literary and cultural theories, postcolonial and gender studies, Latin American literature (colonial and contemporary), indigenous culture, Francophone and Arab cultural studies, and Eastern European literature.  She published widely on imperial expansion, the role of intellectuals in and out of Academe, issues of race and gender. She is on the editorial board of journals such as the Journal of Empire Studies, the Revista Iberoamericana and reviews articles for Postcolonial Text, Journal of Material Culture, and Journal of Arabic Literature..

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Carlos Trujillo, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania, 1993
Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: SAC 346; Phone: 610-519-6956

Dr. Trujillo’s research interests lie within Spanish-American prose narrative and poetry. Among his chief concerns is the interplay of literature, politics and society; in particular, he focuses on the effects of oppressive political regimes (military dictatorships) on both literature and writers.
He is also a renowned Chilean poet who has published more than ten poetry books. For more information consult Dr. Trujillo’s web page.

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Seth Whidden, Ph.D.

Brown University, 2000
Associate Professor of French
Office: SAC 343; Phone: 610-519-5468
Web site:

Dr. Whidden's research focuses on nineteenth-century French literature, with a particular emphasis on poetry. Coeditor-in-chief of the scholarly journal Parade sauvage and Associate Editor of Nineteenth-Century French Studies, he has published a monograph, a critical edition, edited volumes of studies and articles and translations on issues related to issues of literary authority, collaboration, and the lyric subject in nineteenth-century French poetry, as well as articles on hip-hop culture and baseball. In addition to French language courses at all levels, Dr. Whidden teaches courses on various aspects of French literature and culture, including courses on contemporary French music, nineteenth-century Paris, and the Tour de France bicycle race.

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