Mechanical Engineering Faculty Mentors

Amy S. Fleischer, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota, 2000
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Office: TOL 113G; Phone: 610-519-4996

Dr. Fleischer is the director of NovaTherm, the Villanova Thermal Management Laboratory which addresses issues of research and development in the field of thermal management of electronic devices, components, systems and packaging technologies. The thermal management of electronics is one of the most significant design issues in electronic packaging today as increased device performances create a higher heat loads in smaller device footprints. Insufficient heat removal leads directly to elevated operating temperatures which in turn leads to reliability issues including catastrophic failure of the device. Applications are in the fields of advanced microelectronics, biomedical, and aerospace fields. Recent research topics have included both experimental and numerical studies.

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Gerard F. Jones, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania, 1981
Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Office: TOL 131; Phone: 610-519-4985

Dr. Jones teaches courses in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, solar energy
utilization, and computational methods. His professional interests include cooling of electronic
equipment, heat transfer process in composite materials and their manufacture, heat exchangers,
and optimization of thermal systems.

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