Ethics Faculty Mentors

Mark Doorley, Ph.D.

Boston College, 1996
Director and Assistant Professor of Ethics 
Office:  SAC 104; Phone: 610-519-4736  

Dr. Doorley's dissertation analyzed the role that feelings play in the process of making choices. This analysis was heavily influenced by the work of Bernard Lonergan, a thinker who sought to understand Thomism in light of both the advances of 20th century science and the insights of phenomenology and existentialism.  Dr. Doorley teaches a service-learning ethics course that integrates the service experience of students with the issues emerging in their discussion of ethical theories.  He also teaches a regular course in collaboration with an engineering professor on ethical and social issues related to professional engineering.  Recently, his reading and writing have been on professional ethics, generally, and leadership ethics in particular.

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Kathryn Getek Soltis, Ph.D., S.T.L.

Boston College, 2010
Director, Center for Peace and Justice Education
Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics

Office: 106E Corr Hall, 610-519-4498

Dr. Getek’s research interests involve various issues within the fields of theological ethics and Catholic moral theology.  In particular, much of her work pursues questions of virtue ethics as they apply to justice, punishment, and prisons. Catholic Social Teaching, especially the concept of the common good, figures importantly in her teaching and writing. 

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Brett T. Wilmot, Ph.D.

University of Chicago, 2002
Associate Director, Ethics Program
 SAC 424; Phone: 610-519-7197

Dr. Wilmot’s teaching interests include philosophical, theological, and applied ethics. His particular area of research and inquiry has to do with the proper role of religious beliefs in the context of liberal democracies as these have developed in the modern West. His approach to this topic engages a range of debates in philosophical theology, metaphysics, and epistemology but also considers various approaches to the religious clauses of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Dr. Wilmot has also taught courses on environmental ethics and globalization and currently teaching in the Business School’s Masters of Science in Church Management program.

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Mark Wilson, Ph.D.

Indiana University, 2008
Assistant Professor, Ethics Program
Office: SAC 139 Phone: 610-519-3818

Dr. Wilson’s research and teaching interests focus on foundational questions of responsibility, self-knowledge, and moral psychology in the context of personal, professional, and civic life.  Working at the intersection of Western philosophical and religious ethics, he explores contemporary issues through the continuities and discontinuities between ancient and modern constructions of agency.  He teaches courses on the ethics of war, the tensions between politics and religious life, the moral emotions and tragedy, and the relationships between self, others, and God. 

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