Economics Faculty Mentors

Kishor Thanawala, Ph.D.

University of Bombay, 1961
Professor of Economics
Office: BAR 3081; Phone: 610-519-4385

Dr. Thanawala’s professional interest is in the fields of Development Economics, International Economics, Globalization and Catholic Social Teaching. He has taught courses in these fields. He has also team-taught (1) a seminar on Globalization: Economic and Ethical Perspectives; and (2) a course on Global Poverty: Economics and Theology in Conversation. His current research focuses on poverty and income distribution within and among countries. His recent publications include the following chapters/articles in books/scholarly journals:

  • The Economic Person in a Global Society;
  • W. Arthur Lewis on India: A Selective Survey
    Globalization and Economic Justice: A Catholic Social Teaching Perspective;
  • The Impact of Unemployment and Inequality on Poverty in Canada;
  • Globalization and Economic Justice;
  • International Evidence on the Impact of Transfers and Taxes on Alternative Poverty Indexes;
  • Can Market Economy Promote the Common Good?;
  • Reflections on Private Market Economy and Social Market Economy;
  • Economics, Environment and Equity;
    The Impact of Transfers and Taxes on Alternative Poverty Indexes;
  • Is There Injustice in the International Economy?;
  • Do Governments Have a Role in Promoting Justice in the International Economy?

He is an active member and a past president of the Association for Social Economics (formerly known as the Catholic Economic Association).

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Christopher Kilby, Ph.D.

Stanford University, 1994
Associate Professor of Economics
Office:  BAR 2006; Phone: 610-519-4324

Professor Kilby's professional interests focus on foreign aid to developing countries.  His previous research has examined the political economy of foreign aid, specifically how political economy issues shape U.S. bilateral aid and influence the behavior of multilateral development banks such as the World Bank.  Professor Kilby's research is primarily empirical, involving statistical analysis of data on aid flows.

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Peter A. Zaleski, Ph.D.

University of Maryland, 1988
Professor of Economics
Office: BAR 2096; Phone: 610-519-4378

Dr. Zaleski teaches courses in Microeconomic Theory, Econometrics, Research Methods, and Mathematical Economics. His research areas are industrial organization and public choice. His recent publications include:

  • “Tort Reform Voting in the U.S. Senate”
  • “The Effect of Industry Concentration on Free Ridership”
  • “Economic Freedom and the Quality of Life”
  •  “The Effect of Leasing versus Buying on Entry Deterrence” 
  • “Start-ups and External Equity: The Role of Entrepreneurial Experience”

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Charles Zech, Ph.D.

Notre Dame University, 1973
Professor of Economics
Office: BAR 3022; Phone: 610-519-4371

Dr. Zech also serves as the Director of Vilanova’s Center for the Study of Church Management. His area of research specialization is the economics of religious organizations. His recent books include:

  • Money Matters: Personal Giving in American Churches
  • The Mainline Church’s Funding Crisis: Issues and Possibilities
  • Plain Talk About Churches and Money
  • Why Catholics Don’t Give…And What Can Be Done About It
  • Plain Talk About Catholic Stewardship: Best Practices in Parish Stewardship Activities
  • Listening to the People of God: Lay People’s Suggestions for Rebuilding Merged and Restructured Parishes

He is currently working on a series of books on parish management that combine his teaching interest, the economics of business strategy, with his research interest.

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