Communication Faculty Mentors

R. Bryan Crable, Ph.D.

Purdue University, 1998
Associate Professor of Communication
Office: Garey Hall 11; Phone: 610-519-4751

Prof. Crable teaches courses in rhetorical and communication theory, focusing on issues of
language, selfhood, and community. His research interests revolve around the intersection of communication and philosophy, and he is currently engaged in a project on a rhetorical approach to issues of race and racial identity, particularly focusing on the theoretical and personal relationship between white theorist Kenneth Burke and African-American novelist and critic, Ralph Ellison.

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Thomas B. Ksiazek, Ph.D.

Northwestern University, 2010
Assistant Professor of Communication
Office: Garey Hall B2A; Phone: 610-519-8944

Dr. Ksiazek teaches courses in journalism, audience analysis, and research methods. His research explores media use across platforms (TV, Internet, etc.) with an emphasis on issues of diversity among the uses and users of news media. He is particularly interested in the digital transformation of journalism and how this impacts the way people experience and interact with the news.

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Susan Mackey-Kallis, Ph.D.

Pennsylvania State University, 1988
Associate Professor of Communication
Office: Garey 23; Phone: 610-519-7460
Dr. Mackey-Kallis teaches courses and has research interests in contemporary American cinema, rhetorical criticism, American politics and the media. She maintains ongoing research interests in rhetorical, political, and mythic approaches to contemporary film and culture. She had recently published research in digital gaming, political documentaries, and has published books on the films of Oliver Stone, and on mythic understandings of contemporary American cinema. She also has a hobbyist interest in screenplay writing.

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Teresa Nance, Ph.D.

Temple University, 1980
Assistant Vice President, Multicultural Affairs; Associate Professor of Communication
Office: Dougherty Hall 102; Phone: 610-519-4077
Dr. Nance has a number of varied teaching and research interests. She studies how communication functions to convey messages in the classroom as well as how various communication processes limit and define the parameters of education itself. She is interested in communication education and issues related to the philosophy and goals of education. In addition, Dr. Nance’s research and teaching focuses on issues of race, gender and rhetoric. Most recently Dr. Nance’s work focused on the study and practice of Intergroup Dialogue – a process for developing and nurturing meaningful discourse across the lines of difference.

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Heidi Rose, Ph.D.

Arizona State University, 1992
Associate Professor of Communication
Office: Garey 24; Phone: 610-519-6939
Dr. Rose teaches a variety of courses in the Communication Department, including Performance of Literature, Performance Art, Performance for Social Change, Performance of Greek Literature, Voice and Diction, Intercultural Communication, Research Methods, and Senior Project. She is interested in the rhetorical nature of performance, in particular how performance constructs identity and enacts social change. She works with students to create and perform original scripts on such socially relevant subjects as homophobia, racism, STDs, sexual decisionmaking, and body image. Dr. Rose publishes in the areas of Deaf culture, American Sign Language literature, and solo performance.

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