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Understanding that a successful undergraduate education extends far beyond classroom instruction, over 115 faculty colleagues have agreed to serve as resource persons for students exploring the wide range of undergraduate and post-baccalaureate possibilities open to them.

Undergraduate Honors students will have early opportunities to explore the various specialties within their disciplines, with increased prospects of developing their interests earlier and more systematically.

Students can benefit from having early opportunities to speak with faculty from a variety of disciplines as they begin thinking about possible majors in their first and second years. By their junior year, they should be well informed of the relative advantages of the various academic disciplines in relation to their post-baccalaureate plans.

Among the expected advantages for all students are more informed choices for undergraduate research opportunities, internships and Honors Senior Thesis projects. Additional benefits include becoming better informed regarding opportunities for publishing in undergraduate journals, presenting at conferences appropriate to students' academic interests, and applying for national fellowships like the Truman, Goldwater, Rhodes and Fulbright.

Our faculty mentors extend a cordial invitation to students to meet with them and begin conversation. We hope these conversations prove to be rich resources in your active pursuit of a rewarding education.

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