Caughlin Coffee Break

Caughlin Hall is the freshmen Honors Dorm located on South Campus. We stopped by and asked some Honors students what their favorite thing about living in Caughlin is. Here’s what they had to say:


(From left to right)

Adam: “Everyone living in Caughlin is so dedicated to their studies and willing to help their peers without question. There’s a healthy sense of intellectual camaraderie without getting competitive. I really appreciate that.”

Meagan: “My friends live here, and I have all my classes with them. Go Interdisc!”

Becca: “I don’t want to be repetitive, but all my friends live here, so I feel very at home. Also, as the Honors dorm, it fosters a community of mind, which I think is important.”


Ryan: “I think my favorite thing is what most people would say. I have a lot of classes with the people I live with, and that’s really nice.”

Written by Newsletter Co-Editor, Laura Spence '18 CLAS. Laura is receiving a degree in Humanities & Classics. 

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