Coffee Break in Caughlin

We asked students living in Caughlin Hall, the Honors freshman residence, what their favorite class has been at Villanova so far. Here is what we found out! Do you remember taking any of these classes during your time at Villanova?

Matthew Nelson


What’s your favorite part of living in Caughlin?

“It’s a close-knit community. Everyone is really friendly and respectful.

I just love it! Everyone should live here!”

Tasha Boland


What’s your favorite thing about Honors?

“In my Honors classes, we can talk about the touchy subjects. There’s a kind of dialogue in those classes where every type of perspective is encouraged. Your professors want you to challenge yourself, and you can tell, even in their essay prompts.”

Dale Mittleman

Lisa, Elise, and Alden

Are you in a learning community?

“Yes, we’re in PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics), which is awesome because we’ll all study abroad together at Cambridge next year. We love the people in PPE, and it’s great living in Caughlin with people in your classes who are learning about the same things you are and whose interests align with what you’re interested in too.”

Nicole Hawkins


What makes Honors students different?

“I think everyone has a little bit of an Honors student in them, but being in Honors classes helps you take it to the next level. I think Honors students are different because they apply what they learn in the classroom to their lives, and they know how to ask the right questions.” 

Written by Newsletter Co-Editor, Laura Spence '18 CLAS. Laura is receiving a degree in Humanities & Classics. 

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